Posh Vapors

The logo for Posh Vapors is certainly fancy: a phoenix rising from the ashes. The colors are purple and gold, both of which are associated with luxury. Posh Vapors’ motto is “rise above the ashes”: clever and accurate too, because that’s just what vapers do when they put down analogs and pick up e-cigs.

A phoenix also evokes a classic image, one steeped in history and mythology. That’s kind of like the e-cig industry today. Some of the hype is factual and some is exaggerated, even mythical. The only way to understand this industry and what it’s about is to meet some of the people who sell, manufacture, and use products. Make Posh Vapors your first visit.

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Posh is still working on their website so there is very little there to go on by way of product selection and pricing. Use their Facebook page for more information or contact them, unless you are in town in which case, visit their retail store from Monday to Sunday in Garland, Texas. They sell drip tips, juice, RBAs, RDAs, mods, and more.

Posh Stuff

In fact, it looks like they are really interested in advanced equipment, perhaps more so than the usual APVs and eGos. A Heimdall by Vape Jam made of Australian Brass was listed in one Facebook post.

Another had the Magma Dripper by Paradigm Modz. If you are into high quality tanks, they’ve got the Nautilus and replacement coils. Choose an El Sigilo Zodiac Copper Cats Dripper by RJ Mods for vaping with vegetable glycerin-dominant juice.

An Akuma red copper mod, Ember, an authentic Origen Mod, or the Viggo by Vape Jam Mods will come and go depending on how many Posh Vapors stocks and how well they sell. That’s the way with mods. Choose a Panzer, the Totem by Brothers in Custom, or the Silencer drip tip which is not your usual $2 rubber 510 accessory. These are authentic devices with nothing to suggest Posh Vapors carries clones by EHPro et al.

Affordable Pieces

All of this high-priced stuff could give the impression that customers with lighter budgets are not welcome at Posh Vapors, but Posh Vapors also carries less expensive brands. They stock JoyeTech and Kanger electronics, for instance, two brands known for affordability and reliability. The company mission is to provide affordable starter models so that smokers can try vaping inexpensively. This means they stock regular eGo batteries and basic clearomizers.

E-Liquids for the Discerning Customer

Nicotine Juice at Posh Vapors is made by them from USP-grade kosher ingredients. They are listed alphabetically and the names are straightforward, so it should not take long to find the style you prefer (or a gift for someone if you know their favorites).

That list starts with 7 Leaf Tobacco and a menthol version. There is a Carmachino: caramel plus coffee. Select Coconut Caramel Cookies, Strawberry Daiquiri, or Vanilla Malt (like a malted milk). Waterberry Chill is mentholated strawberry and watermelon. Posh Vapors posts a good-sized list.

An asterisk beside a liquid indicates that it is available without nicotine. There are 17 of these flavors: about half.

Steeped Tobacco

Another special line of liquids was made from steeped tobacco which was then filtered out carefully to leave the flavor of true tobacco. Several flavors are listed here in three bottle sizes so it looks like there are plenty, but the menu is small.

New Flavors

On Facebook, Posh Vapors has written of four new flavors not listed on this menu. They are ‘Bound by the Crown’, ‘Claim your Throne’, ‘Fight Your Fate’, and ‘The King’. These could refer to a recent TV series called ‘Game of Thrones’ or be connected to a classical idea evoked by the Phoenix.

‘Bound by the Crown’ features stone fruits, sweet custard, and spice. Butterscotch, sweet styles of cream, and brown sugar combine to create Claim Your Throne. A blend of ripe strawberry and tart lemon becomes Fight Your Fate. The King is not described: Posh Vapors challenges vapers to try it and define the flavor themselves.


Posh Vapors was founded by ex-smokers. They know the products they sell, enabling them to provide knowledgeable advice and instruction to their customers. Dallas-area customers consider Posh Vapors to be one of their favorite stores in spite of a good selection of vape shops.