Premium Vapes

Premium Vapes can be described as a decent but rather high-priced e-cigarette brand. It manages to balance the design and performance of an e-cig in a nice way.

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PR111 starter kitIf you are looking for e-cigs that not only look good but also perform up to your standards, you might want to check these out. Out of so many products available from Premium Vapes, we decided to pick their top starter kit, the PR111 starter kit. This kit gives you enough things to start vaping immediately.

The contents of the starter kit are pretty standard. With the PR111 kit, as you see pictured here, you get 5 cartridges, 2 batteries, and a USB charger with a wall adapter.

*Important Note*

This price is much higher than average. For instance, for $59.99, V2 Cigs sells the standard kit, which comes with the same components, and 10 cartridges rather than 5.

With any ecig brand, one of the most important bits, besides taste is the vapor quality. We never comprise on the performance because in the long run the opinion doesn’t matter, it is always about whether ecigs can live up to your needs or not.

We are not going to say that Premium Vapes is a perfect brand when it comes to vaping experience, however if you compare it with other brands it is a nice quality product.

Premium Vapes is not limited to just the PR111 and PR110 starter kits. Navigate to their website and you will find tons of other products. The only problem is that these other products are not made by Premium.

For instance, you can get a modified e-cigarette from JoyeTech. If you really want to see what the brand is all about, try out one of their starter kits, or make sure to include some e-juice that is made by them if you get an eGo.

One of the best points about Premium Vapes is that they offer a host of accessories if you want to purchase them separately. We aren’t talking about bags or carrying cases, we are pointing towards their spare batteries. Each of the battery you get from Premium Vapes can be customized with several different designs and patterns.

Upon navigation, you can choose from designs such as skulls, swirls, roses and many other patterns to decorate your ecig. So if you love designing your own ecig outlook, Premium Vapes is the place to go.

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