There is a little too much happening on the PrimeVapor E Cig website. It’s like the company does not know which information should get front page billing, or they want to be so different they go over the top. So often, the best sites categorize information far more tidily. You look under headings for information instead of being bombarded with information all at once.

Interesting Points

Even though I do not like it when a page is crammed, PrimeVapor posts some information I have never seen on other pages. I had sometimes wondered what the purpose behind a purchase was and I discovered the breakdown here, at least for Prime Vapor customers.

A pie chart indicates that 25% of PrimeVapor products are bought as gifts. Forty percent of clients use e cigarettes as an alternative to cigarettes. The last figure, 35%, represents consumers who are preparing to quit smoking.

Products: A PrimeVapor Review

As for the products at PrimeVapor, you are looking at cigalikes. Their starter kits begin at $49.95: this is the lowest option. For this you receive five cartridges, two batteries, a wall adaptor, and a USB charger.

While it says you can choose your strength of nicotine and flavor with the Deluxe Kit, the product description also says it comes in 36mg of nicotine Rawhide Tobacco. I think there are a few bugs that need to be worked out for clarity’s sake because cartridges are sold in 12 and 24mg formats. Otherwise, pricing is fine.

There are no-nicotine selections as well, but I would like to see strengths filled in. A jump or descent of 12mg is a bit much for most people.

A package of 5 cartridges costs $12.95 (two dollars less than most competitors). There are four categories of flavors and six in the first three: tobacco, menthol, and gourmet. The last is non-nicotine flavors and there are 5. This does not mean there are 23 flavors because some nicotine-free varieties are also sold with nicotine as well.