ProVape has garnered many followers who are more than happy to share their positive reviews online. This makes finding a ProVape review fairly easy, so this will be an overview of their site and products.

However, price may deter some customers from Provape’s e-cigs.  For a better option, I suggest taking a look at VaporZone.  Their product line, along with their e-liquids, are simply the best in the eGo type battery space.

Check them out here – – – >  VaporZone Review.

Not Cheap

Be aware that the ProVari from ProVape in any version is not going to be cheap. This is high-tech vaping equipment at its best and safest, but for the vaper who has experience to know when he has found lasting quality and a habit to last him. A lot of people switch to e-cigs in order to give up cigarettes, but not the guy or gal who buys a Provari.

Variable voltage devices are generally more expensive than eGo kits, but a ProVari Mini Starter Kit costs $209.95. On its own the device is priced over $150.00. Certainly this price comes down if you get a coupon or go to a wholesale company, but for my money I would rather deal directly with the manufacturer.

One reason the ProVari is more expensive than competitors’ products is that they are made in the United States. Now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is and pay a bit more for a home-grown product.

The ProVari Mini

The Mini is 3.48″ long versus the 4.13″ original. It is compact and easy to use with its small screen (green, red, or blue) and push-button control. There are several protective features that include high-temperature detection, short-circuit protection, and automatic shut-off. Reverse battery protection is another feature.

Usually this uses an 18350 battery, but you can add a cap to change this to an 18490 battery if you want additional power, which is highly convenient for a heavy vaper.

Accuset technology recalibrates voltage for consistency and accuracy. Set the voltage by 0.1volt at a time from 2.9 to 6.0volts. The ProVari mini uses a 510 connection.

The starter kit comes with two batteries, a tank, and a charger which handles two batteries at a time. Still, there is no liquid. For that price, I feel ProVape could throw some in, even a 5ml sampler or something. Otherwise, this seems to be a quality device designed for total safety and convenience.


You do not have to go to another dealer for parts; ProVape has springs, batteries, spacers, and more, all for very reasonable prices. Once they have your custom, they want to keep you. E-liquid can also be purchased right onsite.