Revolution Vapor

Revolution Vapor is a BBB-accredited e cigarette business selling vape juice and hardware. Their catalogue shows e cigs, tank systems, and an electronic cigar plus parts and accessories. Are there enough products here to compete with other sagacious business owners in the e cig market?

VaporZone E-LiquidBefore I go onto my review, I’ll go on record that for this type of hardware and e-juices, I recommend Vapor Zone.

Read about this new brand, (who also is owned by the International Vapor Group, maker’s of South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke) and why I feel this way, but clicking on this review link.

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Revolution Vapor Review

Start with their signature vaping liquid. Revolution is known for gourmet juice, over 50 types of it. They include several sorts of Tobacco (Turkish, Carolina, Red, etc.) and numerous sweet flavors (vanilla custard and wild huckleberry). Their selection is not ground-breaking, but the price is right. Pay $4.95 per 10ml with a 30ml option as well.

Rating e liquid is too personal to allow an in-depth commentary. As usual, consumers will find mixed reviews relating to subjective preference and the type of juice they are reviewing. Mostly reviews are promising, suggesting the make is at least fair if not excellent.


Revolution makes an e cig called M Power. The name comes from the empowerment given to smokers who choose an APV in preference to simple electronic cigarettes. APVs allow consumers to adjust voltage/wattage, which is how they get the level of vapor they like best. A four-part system includes a removable core and base which fit together. The tank and battery fit over top. You can swap cores and refill the tank easily.


A starter kit worth $29.99, your basic beginner’s package, is just right for a first timer. The beginner, when switching from tar to e juice, wants to ease into the commitment of electronic smoking. He would spend $30 or more each day on cigarettes, so handing this over to try a new way of smoking is manageable. A premium kit costs about $70.

Between these two financial margins are the small pieces used to create personalized kits. They include a universal thread adaptor, batteries, and atomizers. Retailers can apply for wholesale pricing.