Revolver eCigs

When you think of a revolver, maybe you imagine a smoking gun. Revolver E Cigarettes are also powerful weapons in the fight against environmental and health problems caused by traditional smoking. Instead of a smoking gun, however, Revolver will leave a cloud of aromatic vapor in its wake.

This Revolver review lays out the fundamentals such as selection, pricing, and any negatives which show up. Right off the bat the firm seems standard, carrying the goods most manufacturers have to offer. Prices are comparable too.

One of the best ways to sample the goods from a company that is new to you is by ordering a disposable cig. At Revolver, the RRP is $9.99. A pack of 10 saves you about 10%. Select tobacco or menthol, a standard choice. The battery is automatic as usual.

Choice two would be to order a sample kit. The G2 sampler contains one battery (your choice of manual or automatic), 5 cartridges, and you get a charger as well. The five cartridges come in vanilla, apple, menthol, or tobacco. Nicotine ranges from zero to extra-strength: 24mg. This starter kit costs about $20. So far, Revolver is a mainstream company and there is nothing standing out for the better or worse.

Reward points are expected and also offered here. Loyal customers will receive points they can redeem on Revolver products.

The E-pipe is nothing like some of the authentic-looking pipes on the market. You could feel like you’re sucking on a piston. On the other hand, pipe smokers might like taking their habit into the modern age. This reviewer disliked the industrial look of a Revolver e-pipe.

Flavor choices were considerately divided into categories. Instead of cocktails, which give e cigarette smoking a forbidden quality, Revolver presents an energy drink and a popular brand of soda in their “drinks” category. The selection is manageable unlike some companies which provide too much choice.