Roar Vapor

Roar Vapor website should only visited by adults because, obviously, they sell nicotine. Also, some of their content is a bit adult in nature. Their images are not x-rated, and there is nothing pornographic, but certain names are suggestive. You can find those by exploring the site as this Roar Vapor review will focus on other aspects of the site and Roar products.

Warning:  If you are shopping for e-liquids, we recommend Vapor Zone’s E-Liquids.  They are simply on another level.  They offer you the ability to customize your orders and make your own e-juice!  Plus, they have way more high-tech batteries in comparison – they are a much larger company in this space.  Just a friendly consumer tip as these two companies product lines are comparable.

More than Vapor – Facts about Roar Vapor

Although this company is best known for its vapor flavors, Roar also carries the parts to make it all happen. Buy hardware made by Kanger, Vivi, SmokTech, and more. Roar claims to sell the least expensive Ego kit on the market, made for light smokers, intermediate, and heavy smokers alike.


You probably visited Roar Vapor for one reason: to see what vapors they had for sale. The list is unusually categorized according to Cinnamon, Hawaiian, Poison, Truth Serum, and other lists you won’t see everywhere (plus some you will). Poison is not actual poison. The original Poison e liquid is described as pure tobacco without undercurrents of any kind, not even arsenic or snake venom. Most tobacco is described as having some nuttiness or being a bit fruity. Not Poison. If you want additional layers, try Poison Apple or Poison Banana.

Do not expect Truth Serum to make your wife tell you where she hid the life insurance policy. This is just a mixture of pear and coconut cream which needs to be steeped before you vaporize it. Additions include peach and other fruits, and you can mentholate this one. Other selections are equally tantalizing or overpowering depending on your attitude to vapor. If you want something simpler, keep reading.


Roar appears to know that many “smokers” do not want to mess around with complicated combinations. They enjoy a single flavor at a time. To satisfy these customers, RV sells vapors flavored with single fruits, tobacco, etc.