RTD Vapor

RTD Vapor is a brand that provides electronic cigarettes parts such as batteries, chargers, atomizers, cartomizers and others at affordable prices. RTD Vapor is known for delivering quality products. Since RTD Vapor is exclusively an e-cig parts brand, there are no electronic cigarettes or starter kits available.

I buy direct from V2 Cigs (mostly) and Vapor Zone (when I want liquid or if someone asks about MODS or tank style batteries – can’t go wrong there.)


Because they have the best products, amazing customer support, and they’ve been around the block.  I recommend them for a reason, but for those of you interested in RTD vapor still, here are my thoughts.  


RTD Vapor sells batteries in a wide variety. There are pretty much all kinds of batteries available such as the 3100 mAH battery, the 3400 mAH and even less powerful ones such as the 500 mAH, 600 mAH, 750 mAH and others. The battery life of the batteries depends on its power. The high powered batteries such as the AW Protected 3.7v 3100 mAH and AW Protected 18650 3400 mAH will last for 10-12 hours while the 500-600 mAH batteries will only give you about 3-5 hours of electronic smoking.

Drip Tips And Trippy Tips

RTD Vapor sells both drip tips and trippy tips at affordable prices. The brand also offers what is called the Cherry Vape Dream Tips. The drip tips are mostly made out of stainless steel but are available in different shapes and sizes. The trippy tips, as the name suggests, boast a more funky and hip look. The trippy tips are available in a variety of colors and sizes too.


RTD Vapor also offers atomizers and cartomizers at affordable prices. Almost all the atomizers are Genuine Joyetech ones and are priced below $10. The cartomizers on the other hand are also available in different sizes, prices and shapes. Users can skim through the company’s website and see the products for themselves before deciding which one to get.


Amongst the e-cig parts that are available at RTD Vapor, one is tanks. These include refilling drip tips, airflow controller, double hole tanks, single hole tanks and others.

What Else Is Available At RTD Vapor?

Alongside all the e-cig parts that RTD Vapor offers, it also offers accessories. These include bottles, wicks and wires, battery cases, meters and last but not the least, adapters. Users can decide which accessory they want and head on to the company’s site to acquire them through Visa, Amex or other payment options.