Safer Vapors

New vapers will be particularly interested in this Safer Vapors review. Their name is a good indicator of their audience: consumers yet to decide between smoking and vaping because of the need for further study. At Safer Vapors, they state what they believe to be true: vaping is safer.


Safer Vapors runs a brick-and-mortar business in Webster, Massachusetts, and an online shopping site. The website is nothing fancy, which goes for their products as well. Mechanical mods are sold all over the United States, but not here. If the physical store carries some RDAs and mechanical devices, their website does not reflect as much.

Starter Packages

Their SV-100 is an automatic e-cig resembling a cigarette. It comes in six colors and several flavors set at high, medium, or low nicotine. The kit contains two 280mAh batteries, five cartomizers, a USB charger, AC wall adapter, and a gift box for $54.95. The picture shows a little e-cig pouch as well though it’s not listed.

Accessories you might want to purchase along with the kit or later include new cartomizers and batteries, both listed here. Cartomizers in several threading styles are also sold to pair conveniently with almost any of the brands of mini e-cigs customers might have already tried. They include JoyeTech 510, RN 4081, eGo/Riva, DSE-101, and KR808D. Safer Vapors also has DSE 103 and Smoking Everywhere threaded cartridges in loads of colors.

Tanks and Coils

The products under this heading are pretty familiar: a Protank 1 ($19.95), PT 2 or 3, the Kanger Aerotank, and 510/eGo-T cartridges. Prices are decent, such as $27.95 for an Aerotank. It’s not clear, however, if the Protank is made by Kanger or is a generic knock-off. No warranty is supplied.


Purchase accessories such as cases, tanks, chargers, and drip tips. Safer Vapors avoids getting into novelty products like crystal-encrusted eGo batteries, wraps, crystal tips, or high-tech items. There aren’t any replacement buttons, springs, or LED lights. They keep their business straightforward, which makes it easy for new vapers to understand what they are talking about.


These, like the cartridges listed above, come in several threading styles. They have SV-100 mini cig batteries and King batteries for $14.99 each. A 510/KR808D battery also sells for this price. Costs are uninspiring, but expected.

More Kits

Safer Vapors sells kits like the eGo-T Tank starter, eGo V2 VV, and an iTaste VV 3.0 priced which comes with just the battery and charger. Their prices are as low as $39.95 and as high as $59.95. Products are well described so that relative newcomers to vaping won’t be confused.


Safer Vapors sells liquids by Gingers and eVo plus USA mixes: bases for DIY customers. For $7.95, buy 10mls of e-liquid from 12 to 24mg. The price is high considering these are just standard types: coffee, vanilla, rum, cinnamon, and similar simple flavors.

The Company

Safer Vapors is a BBB-accredited company. They are open Monday through Saturday. Online orders will be shipped within the United States free of charge when the bill reaches $95 or higher.