Science Of Vaping

Science of Vaping makes products that are compatible with Kayfun mods. Their goal is to create accessories that increase the compatibility of the Kayfun, an Asian mod, while adding another USA-made option to an Asia-dominated list of e cig accessories. You can find them at a temporary website set up to meet the needs of online customers while they construct a permanent website. Science of Vaping started business in 2013.

science-of-vaping.myshopify.comState of the Art

A lot of consumers think everything to do with e cigs and mods is done in the Philippines, Korea, or China. They couldn’t be more wrong. The USA has its own manufacturers who tend to make small batches of items in modest workshops, but these innovators have access to high-tech gear. Science of Vaping technicians use CNC machines to create their stainless steel products.

The Product List at Science of Vaping

Their website lists drip tips, tanks, top caps, dripper conversions, V1 glass kits, V2 glass kits, cotton and o-rings, and atomizers. If you know about the Kayfun, then you know what all of this is about. V1 and V2 refer to versions 1 and 2 of their glass kits for tanks.

Drip Tips

The 8 drip tips sold here cost $20 each and all resemble nuts and bolts. Science of Vaping drip tips are highly industrial looking, so don’t turn your back on anyone with a penchant for DIY or he’ll have your drip tip in the tool box. Names include the micro bore, wide bore, super small, and platform (in versions T1, V1, and V2). All of them are made from 304 Stainless Steel for superior quality and hygiene.

Glass Kits

There are the full kits, full chimneys for the kits, Nano chimneys, and more. A full kit for the V1 Matte M-Tank Nano Size with a Nano Chimney costs $50: the highest price on the page and possibly on the entire site.

Science of Vaping Blog

I’m not sure: it looks like the Science of Vaping Blog, “Your store’s blog,” as it is called, is meant to be written by customers (nothing has been written yet). Could this be your place to have a say about Science of Vaping products, the Kayfun, what you want to see, and the e cig world more generally?

Contact Science of Vaping

As I said above, this is a US company and you will not be surprised to learn where they are located. California, the unofficial capital state of vaping, is where you will find them. More specifically, they operate out of Corona.

Science of Vaping Review

You don’t have to visit the sparse website acting as the e-commerce site for Science of Vaping if you want to browse their products for comparison with others, or to buy other gear to keep you stocked. Science of Vaping accessories are carried by multiple vendors, and their prices are very good. You can find more information about products on these sites as well.

For instance, you learn that it is not a good idea to fill tube replacements for the Kayfun RBA (priced $15) by Science of Vaping with acidic juices. The tube is made of polycarbonate, a tough type of plastic to be sure but still vulnerable to tank-cracking e-liquids. These would include lemon, anise, and cinnamon juices. The Kayfun RBA tube is 22-mm diameter, the same size from top to bottom, just like an ordinary tube.

To clarify, Science of Vaping (at the time of writing) makes accessories onsite. They only make accessories for the original Kayfun, not for clones. Apparently, clones are not always exactly the same fit. So if you own a clone of the Kayfun, there is no guarantee parts made by Science of Vaping will fit. You’ve been warned.

Would You Shop Here?

Accessories for mods are all over the internet, especially at stores (online and offline) that carry a range of accessories for mechanical mods, including rebuildable atomizers. Would you be drawn to Science of Vaping or to one of those many other companies that sells a lot of other stuff as well?

It is awfully convenient to find a one-stop shopping locale, such as a retailer selling the mods, rebuildable atomizers for the mods, elegant and amusing drip tips, e-liquids, cases, and parts (magnetic switches, springs, center pins, etc.) You can easily build up a single bill that exceeds the minimum amount to qualify for free shipping. You might earn rewards to put towards later purchases and possibly even earn a small income as an affiliate.

Science of Vaping is only at their temporary website for now, so what could the owners have up their sleeve for the permanent site? They might offer free shipping or a low minimum bill for free shipping. They could plan to offer loyalty points (an affiliate program wouldn’t be much use if they remain niche-oriented). They could be planning to sell e-liquid for their polycarbonate tanks and who knows; maybe they even plan to build their own mods. The only things consumers can do for now are to watch and wait.

But customers are also attracted to Science of Vaping by the fact that their products are USA-made. Americans want to keep their money in the US when they can. It’s just so ironic that they are making accessories for an Asian mod. But you only buy the Kayfun once; it’s the ongoing needs that require regular attention. Science of Vaping can take advantage of the popularity of this device, supply the ongoing needs, and find their commercial anchor.