Shoreline Vapes

The Facebook front page image for Shoreline Vapes depicts the tube of a wave through which the viewer sees the setting sun. It’s a gorgeous picture: both warm and cool; bright and mellow. Whoever took that photograph understands the power of balance and of contrast. The maker of Shoreline Vapes’ 4 flavors also pulls off a classy balancing act, creating premium e-liquid without selling it for top dollar.

A Sturdy Foundation

Will Giddings, maker of Shoreline Vapes, has been involved in the vaping industry for a while, making and selling juice. Shoreline Vapes represents his effort to go at it alone. Reviews suggest that his e-liquid is not overly complex, not always stunning, but the flavor ratios are appealing. Vapers will find Shoreline Vapes at Vape Goddess (where prices are best), but several other websites and stores are carrying it now too.

What Shoreline Vapes Needs

All vapers and the FDA need now are some details. If they are among details on each label, that’s great. As for online customers, we would like to see where these ingredients come from and how they are made. Does Giddings use only US products, organic ingredients, and 99.9% pure nicotine? Are his flavorings natural or a mixture of natural and artificial? Is his lab really a lab or a clean room?

Four Flavors: a Shoreline Vapes Review

This new line from Orange Country, California, is only comprised of four flavors. Their names are Boardwalk, Big Sur (the newest one), Rincon, and Catalina. Each one is bottle in clear glass with screw-on caps which are not childproof.

Childproof bottles can be purchased separately from various retailers. A 30-ml bottle should cost about $15. Each one comes in a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Nicotine can be as little as zero and as high as 18mg: not high, but for handmade juice it’s good enough.

Colorful Catalina

The rich-colored Catalina has an excellent smell and produces big clouds of vapor. Throat hit is moderate in this tropical blend featuring mango and orange, possibly with a touch of pineapple. The taste is full of real fruit.

Yogurt in a Bottle

Not too many blenders have tried adding yogurt to a vape, but Big Sur presents yogurt with strawberry and banana. It adds background flavor in support of truthful banana and sugary strawberry.

Smooth Pairing

If you like chocolate and mint, you will enjoy Rincon. Two types of chocolate blended with cream form the structure on which Shoreline Vapes builds rich mint. Vanilla peaks out from behind the curtain too.

Days at the Fairground

Boardwalk should taste like cotton candy. Not everyone tastes it that way. You might agree with those who are picking up hard candy instead, but not to the detriment of this sweet vape necessarily.

Facebook Futures

Giddings has been on Facebook for several months, but he isn’t using social media to its best effect. He could be using this medium to promote his product using contests, conducting polls, or just talking about the industry in general. It would be smart business and a great way to engage an audience if Shoreline Vapes made a bigger impact on Facebook or opened a website.