Sigelei is frequently, but not always, carried by e cig retailers who also sell Innokin, Boge, and other respected models. Their e cig devices include tanks and base units which fit with or work in place of other models.

A notable example is their Protank Glassomizer, chosen by Kanger customers in place of this company’s Protank when they cannot find it. Sigelei’s model might also be available for less money than the Kanger model.

Sigelei Review: Protank

The Sigelei Protank Glassomizer is a container for your e juice. The mouthpiece and tank are all one piece, so there is nowhere for juice to leak out. Protank materials include metal and a sturdy plastic, giving the entire item an almost indestructible feel. It can be broken, but not without considerably bad luck. This tank holds 2.5mls of liquid.

Unscrew the bottom portion to remove the atomizer head so you can clean the tank or replace the head as needed. Users appreciate the simplicity of this model two-piece.

Sigelei Silver Dragon

A Silver Dragon is not round. Its edges are angled to form a decagon, unusual and eye-catching for a vaping unit. With its clip attached, you could mistake the Silver Dragon for a small LED flashlight as it hangs from your belt loop, but it is really a telescopic vaping machine.

Use 18350 or 18360 batteries with the Silver Dragon. Vents prevent overheating. Attach it to your 510 or eGo tank/cartridge to produce lots of vapor and expect the stainless steel product to last a long time.

Zmax V3

Consumers like the Zmax V3 telescopic, flat top tube. For one thing, it is adjustable to the size of your battery, so it can be a mini or a full-length tube with 18350 or 18360 batteries (like the Silver Dragon).

For another thing, clients like the heft of this machine which, though light, feels solid. They find its menu simple and the screen easy to see. Adjust voltage or wattage too. The Zmax V3 protects against low resistance, short circuiting, and low voltage.