Smoke 51

In the mix of e-cigarette companies there are always good, bad, and intermediate firms. Some create cheap, unreliable products. Several manufacture high-quality e cigs and parts.

The companies in between frequently make and sell good stuff, but they tend to lose points for housekeeping issues.

Official Website

The following Smoke 51 review goes in depth about the company. Though it is not rated among our picks for the top-sellers, it is still worth checking out.

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Their website:

Bad News

First of all, research reveals that there have been some complaints about Smoke 51 over the years. They have been around a while, so enough time has passed for these to accumulate. As long as issues are resolved, however, their rating should go up. Right now, this is not the case. Smoke 51 is rejected by several consumers for problems relating to customer service, but not warranty.

Good News

Reviews by independent e smokers suggest this is still a decent brand, no matter what the administrative failings might be. Their packaging is classy with “Smoke Fifty-One” written in fancy script and bordered ornately.

Consumers can purchase Smoke 51 in person or online, making theirs a convenient brand.

Buy Online: http://smoke51.c0m

Starter Kits

Usually, an electronic cigarette company offers e-cig starter kits ranging from $40 or $50 to over $100. Smoke 51 starts at around $70. There are no affordable starter kits in this line, although they sell disposable e cigs which are often used by consumers who want to try out a brand.

The “Inked” starter kit contains the usual goods: 2 atomizers, a wall charger and power cable, one or two batteries, and a membership card. The set costs $129.95, which appears to be the price for style.

Instead of a simple selection of colors, consumers choose “tattoo” style patterns like the rose, eagle, koi, tiger, or heart. These are featured on respective cases, while the cig is a single shade of pink, black, or whatever the theme is.