Smoke Evolution

Evolution refers to adaptation to circumstances over time leading to greater strength to handle a new environment. E smoking, replacing tar and chemicals with vapor, represents a type of evolution. Smokers’ environment has changed so that puffing in public has become taboo, while everyone knows smoking kills. In other words, smokers have had to adapt and so have the products they buy.

VaporZone Pulse KitBefore I review this, I’ll go on record again and say that for this type of e-smoking experience, I recommend VaporZone over all other brands.

They have a serious hardware offer (check out their various models of e-cig mod batteries and variable voltage batteries – they are second to none) and the ability to let you make your own e-juice!

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A Smoke Evolution Review

Enter firms like Smoke Evolution, selling goods made by trusted electronic cigarette companies. Although these products have only caught on in recent years, trust has developed and certain brands are considered reliable. Smoke Evolution carries these names in hardware and e liquid.

Flavorz by Joe

An e liquid brand trusted and tried by Smoke Evolution customers is Flavorz by Joe. Their range of 0% to 2.4% nicotine flavors includes Wacky Tobacky (with a hint of cherry), a crisped rice and marshmallow inspired flavor, plus Absinth and citrus. Consumers will also find syringes and bottle droppers on the website. There is nothing surprising here: just standard, popular flavors representing tobacco, menthol, and sweet vapors.

Weekly Specials

A category entitled “Deal of the Week” will show an item if it is on sale. Some weeks there is nothing. Other weeks you can bet Smoke Evolution has bought extra of something so they can offer it at a price so low no one can beat it.

Portable Chargers plus More

Find a portable charger for your current set. Buy a dual port USB car charger. Add to your collection of clearomizers or replace some that have worn out. Smoke Evolution products are made by JoyeTech, Innokin, and more. The great thing about SE’s choice of brands is that they are popular, meaning they not only have an automatic clientele but will be offering what many consumers want. Several general e smoking retailers sell the same goods, but pricing at SE remains competitive.