Smoke Free

Smoke Free is a premium electronic cigarette brand that specializes in mini battery ecigs. Their ecigs are pretty decent and come in a variety of different forms and tastes. They are a tad bit expensive but with their quality eccentric product, it is well worth all the money spent.


The Smoke Free electronic cigarette design is very simple and minimalistic. The brand tends to replicate the actual cigarette using the same color scheme, size and length. The weight of the ecig also replicates the actual cigarette which is light enough for long and comfortable puffing sessions.


The battery technology is simplistic and is based over the popular mini ecig design. This makes it light in nature and very easy to use. However, if you are expecting anything more than average vapor quality, you may be a bit disappointed.


As with numerous mini battery ecigs, the vapor quality is just about average (although some mini batteries, such as the stubby Bull Smoke manual, and the 55 mil Halo manual battery outperform the longer automatic versions for vapor).

This is a great e-cigarette for casual smokers who want to start cutting back on their nicotine intake.


With over 30 different flavors, Smoke Free is one of the larger flavor vendors in the ecig industry. There are tons of flavors to pick from. However, after testing a few of their flavors, we have come to a conclusion that most of their flavors are just names. If you want to play it safe, grab their traditional tobacco flavors which are pretty decent.


Smoke Free e-cig starter kits cost more than your average ecig starter kits. But thanks to its conveniently designed ecig and tons of flavors, this is a decent brand that’s worth trying.