Smokeless Delite

Just because a brand is not well known should not make you believe it is unworthy of your attention. Every firm starts out this way, including e-cigarette companies. In fact, the competition is so fierce in the e-cig market it is no wonder some names are overshadowed. Smokeless Delite is one of them.

Smokeless Delite Review

An example is Smokeless Delite, but there is a simple reason you might not have heard of it. Most new e-cig smokers choose 2-piece pens. Smokeless Delite makes a 3-part vapor stick. Individuals might say this makes the experience more complicated and off-putting, but that is because they have been spoiled. The system is still simple.

When it comes to Smokeless Delite, a three-part product could be advantageous. Reviewers say they like how solid this product feels.

Separate Atomizer

Your three parts are an atomizer (heating element), cartridge, and battery. Having a separate atomizer allows the user to replace just this one piece every time its heating abilities slow down instead of replacing a perfectly good atomizer with every cartridge. You can buy atomizer tanks separately. USA adaptors are built into atomizers because there is some concern over threading compatibility.

Starter Kits

Smokeless Delite makes 5 starter kits with enjoyable names such as Elation, Joy, and Pleasure. An Elation Starter Kit, costing $69.95, includes a wall adaptor and USB charger, 6 cartridges, a carry case, and the very handy car adaptor plus two batteries. Your version of Elation is available in pink, black, silver, or white.

The Auto-Ship Tip

If you regularly run out of cartridges before ordering more, here is a tip: prepare in advance. A few companies offer an auto-ship feature like the one at Smokeless Delite. You sign up for $9.99 and never worry again about running out of e-liquid.

Every month the shipment arrives at the same time without you having to fuss with ordering or submitting payment details. Flavors include cigarette tobacco, menthol, and the unexpected energy drink variety among others.

Extra Features

Smokeless Delite makes pens and tank systems. Adopt their products when you first start electronic vaping and graduate to advanced vaping options such as variable power cigs without changing companies. This gives you more control over vapor production (said to be considerable here) and allows you to fill up on more vapor before starting. In other words, vape for longer on a single re-fill. Smokeless Delite sells Joyetech e-Vic, Tesla mod, and iTaste in multiple colors.