Smokeless Image

Smokeless Image tells you what Volt e cigarettes are about: the new image of puffing without any real smoke. Instead, you inhale and exhale vapor. This is the new profile of smoking, one which is catching on rapidly. Here is a review of what Smokeless Image has on its electronic shelves.

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Starter Kits

Several starter kits have been designed to provide everything from minimum tools required to try the product to a Premium Kit costing almost $100 USD. Disposables are priced at around $7 each, providing a chance to sample tobacco and/or menthol flavors. There are more too, but these flavors are made available with bigger kits such as the Basic, Standard, Pro, and Premium.

With bigger, more expensive kits, a charging case is provided. The Premium includes a 3.6-volt Passthrough battery so you can smoke while the battery charges. For “filtered tips” read “cartomizer.” You get more of these with the bigger starter kits.

The Taste of Smokeless Smoking

Apart from tobacco and menthol, Smokeless Image brings customers fruit and sweets: vanilla, watermelon, grape, cherry, coffee, and chocolate. Apart from watermelon and grape, these are fairly standard, and that isn’t a bad thing. It would be a shame to like the filtered tips of SI better than some other brand but not find the flavors you like best.


Volt Disposables feature two LED lights. They also come in 1.8% (18mg) of nicotine. As for other products, select your preferred nicotine strength.

Pretty Batteries

Although color does not affect performance, remember: this cigarette has an image in mind. While you can go for a “Volt Zip” which compares realistically with a tobacco cigarette, other versions come with battery color choices. Select green, silver, copper, and more. The LED lights also come in a selection of shades so when you choose the battery color, also select a color for your light: purple, white, red, orange, or green.