SmokeTip might have been an affordable brand once upon a time, when the electronic cigarette was new and mysterious, but not anymore. Today the brand is lagging behind in the e-cig world. One SmokeTip review made it sound completely unimpressive: average in every way. This review will look at the site today and what redeeming points you might find.

First of all, you can get around having to have a starter kit as a new SmokeTip customer by using their disposable electronic cigs first. Their one-piece design removes any hassle or mess, and as a short-term option they are reasonably priced.

SmokeTip - The Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette

SmokeTip disposables cost $9.95 each (or around $40 for 5, saving roughly $10). They provide as many as 500 puffs each. For the money they are not bad. An e-cigar ready for over 1,000 puffs available is priced at $19.95.

The tips of disposable electronic cigarettes are green, apparently to make it clear that this is not a real cigarette. The nicotine range is small: 16mg or 6mg, in Cowboy, regular tobacco, or menthol.

There is one starter kit available. If you are willing to pay $59.99 you will be disappointed at the small amount this price gets you. There are just 2 small batteries providing limited smoking time, so keep one charged constantly and you might be alright. Consider this an appropriate kit for light smokers.

You also get a USB charger and wall adaptor. The wall adaptor is frequently not included in lower-priced kits of $49 and thereabouts manufactured by other brands, so the $60 price tag is higher than it should be but not terrible, especially with free shipping. Five cartridges come with a starter kit.

There are 21 flavors from SmokeTip, a decent selection. Examples include grape, peach, peppermint, and almond (an unusual selection). You get a discount by purchasing more cartridges at one time. You could even get free batteries. The thing is you have to like their flavor and vapor production for this to be a good deal.

Some reviews are not positive about vapor from SmokeTip, some are, but in light of negative reviews efforts might have been made to improve the product since then. Taste is a personal issue. Another way to save money is to buy “Flavor of the Week” cartridge packs for $8 per five. That is a considerable savings.

Customer service is often as important to customers as every other issue. Think of the places you shop and why: is it how the clerks make you feel or prices and goods? Maybe a bit of both comes into play. SmokeTip offers 24/7 customer service and a lifetime warranty.