Smoktech specializes in producing mods for vapers: the hardware that controls vaping features such as variable power settings. This Smoktech review will examine a few varieties of mods.

Mods Only

Usually, you have to buy Smoktech mods like the Zmax, SID, etc., plus atomizers/tanks and batteries separately. You might strike lucky and find a kit online compiled by a retailer. Product descriptions always state this, but for clarification purposes, the battery listings indicate what you can use with a mod, not what comes with the product. This is standard for vaping equipment at the level Smoktech provides.


For instance, a Zmax is compatible with batteries from 1500mAh to 3400mAh. This is ten times what you get out of a cigalike. Smoktech makes products for all-day, intermediate-to-heavy vaping.


The Magneto is fairly new and refers to the style of button. Being magnetized, designers expect it to last longer than spring-operated buttons. Springs wear out. Magnetic charge does not. Buy it for around $50.

The SID looks softer than the stainless or brass magneto and costs a bit less than its cousin. Like Magneto and Bolt (another Smoktech model), this has a 510 thread and is popular with customers. A SID VV/VW features battery protection and a 360° button. It works with 18650 batteries, which the Magneto also takes. The latter model will work with 18500 and 18350 batteries as well, so it could have a shorter profile when assembled with a tank.

Zmax is far more expensive than any of the models above. This variable voltage/wattage item comes in chrome or a brushed stainless exterior of metallic colors or blue. Customers can use a 510 or Joye eGo atomizer with this unit which is made to accept many varieties of battery.

Smoktech Impressions

One piece of advice which stands out from the rest is that if you want durability, be prepared to pay for it. Customers who bought the Zmax had no trouble paying $90+ for the unit before buying other items because it feels sturdy, like it should last longer than its counterparts.