There are a lot of makers of electronic cigarettes, so you will read many reviews before deciding on a brand. This is especially true for a beginner to the market, but it is easier to navigate products after going through a few trials.

This review will look at Smoktek, maker of advanced personal vaporizers (APVs).

VaporZone Pulse KitI’ll go on record saying if you are looking for a high powered personal vaporizer, you can’t do any better than what they are selling at VaporZone.  Truly incredible stuff!

(Pictured here is the VaporZone Pulse starter kit. As you can see it is simple, elegant, and beautifully designed, like their website).

It is not overwhelming, as they have just 4 super sharp models to choose from for ungraded APVs, and then they have an amazing line of e-liquids like nothing we’ve seen out there.

Check them out at

Battery Power

Compared to many other brands, you might realize right away that Smoktek offers power for money. The battery used to power the Bolt e cig, for example, will last all day on a single charge. Some brands of battery can only give you up to 2 hours. The battery responsible for Smoktek’s performance is a Li-ion (Lithium Ion).

The Sum of its Parts

Smoktek makes SID, Magneto, Bolt, Zmax, and more. Important elements like dual or single coil cartomizer resistance, and other factors aside, style differs between lines. For instance, the Ego Starter Kit is made with aluminum, but not just any type of aluminum. It is airline grade, sturdy and attractive.

Bolt comes in black, grey, red, chrome, or dark chrome. Some varieties, like SID, are available in vivid hues. When you buy a refillable tank from Smoktek, the liquid inside gives the outer color an aquatic tone, or you might be put in mind of a lava lamp. Tanks hold more liquid for longer vaporing. Shorty ego dual coil cartomizers resemble nail polish bottles, available in 9 colors.

Try an Anodized SID APV

The SID APV has a wide drip well, battery monitoring, and voltage/wattage control. It comes with short-circuit protection. It has a one-button click menu so you can set power and also an on/off option. Why would you want to set voltage/wattage?

Users realize that to get the most out of their vaping experience, a particular setting works best. This will vary between e liquid flavors and brands used with a Smoktek advanced personal vaporizer.