South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is one of the top e-cigarette brands of all the different e cigs we’ve tested.

South Beach Smoke excels at providing standard quality electronic cigarettes at a price that is both attractive and valuable. The brand has about three different starter kits and a couple of disposable electronic cigarettes to choose from.

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Here is their deluxe starter kit:

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

There are at least 10 different flavors to pick up from too. Of these 10 flavors, at least three are variants of tobacco flavors. This gives an instant indication that South Beach Smoke is catering for the hardcore market that only settles for tobacco flavors. So we decided to give a test run using the three different tobacco flavors instead of going on an exotic adventure.

South Beach Smoke’s core components are well crafted and feel up to quality standards demanded by careful people. By holding the electronic cigarette in hand, you can instantly tell that this is made from the right materials and not some cheap garage sale recyclable materials. This instantly made us give some points to the brand.

Apart from its quality, the taste and flavor delivery is just average. We didn’t feel super excited when we tried to puff on it. We gave the first cartridge which was Deluxe Tobacco Classic Flavor at least 5 sessions before coming to a conclusion. Every time we picked up that cigarette and puffed on it we weren’t excited at all.

South Beach Smoke feels very common and standard in nature. We believe that a lot of other brands are able to give away this much taste quality without any issues. However, the important thing to note is that those that come close to South Beach Smoke in vapor and taste delivery are also a bit more expensive. This is why if we were to recommend a standard brand out there for decent taste and flavor, we would definitely go for South Beach Smoke.

Apart from the quality of the vapor and taste, South Beach Smoke has good customer support and an even better line of accessories. If you want something extra from your South Beach Smoke cigarettes, there are accessories such as car chargers, carrying cases that double as chargers and even a fancy looking little carrying pouch. What else could you want from your accessories?

South Beach Smoke also offers 30 days money back guarantee on its electronic cigarette starter kits. It also gives you a life time warranty on the device. Replacing your broken stuff is easy because the brand also willingly ships missing components or any accessories for an extra price.

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