Starfire Cigs

Consumers in the e-cig marketplace have had long enough to try out many brands of e-cigs and decide what they like and dislike about them. Companies have been responding to those criticisms, suggestions, and emphasizing strong points with their latest editions of electronic products.

Starfire is a relatively unknown kid on the electronic vaping block, but they have effectively answered one big criticism. Read more about their answer and other features in this Starfire Cigs review.

E-Juice Composition

While many Americans are mostly concerned with the price of vaping, there are plenty who are against buying Chinese-made juice containing propylene glycol. For them, this is a deal breaker. No matter how great your product is, Asian nicotine juice containing propylene glycol is not acceptable.

Starfire chose to move away from propylene glycol, selling e-juice made in the United States containing only vegetable glycerin. They have attracted lots of fans just by making this decision.

E-Juice Flavors

Whatever e-juice is made out of, it has to taste good, produce enough vapor, and create the desired throat hit to continue being popular with vapers. Reviews indicate StarFire is a winner in just about every category. They make a Turkish Tobacco, Menthol Ice, plus four fruit flavors, coffee, and vanilla.

While not exactly the same as the others out there, this is similar to the line-up you would expect from an e-cigarette company. Should Starfire veer in another direction, creating a wider variety of flavors? Why change a formula that consumers want? Besides, if the popularity of certain flavors wanes, Starfire can experiment with new ones.


Each disposable from Starfire costs $7.99, with savings on large orders. This is a great price already, especially since you are getting high-quality e-liquid. According to the website, each disposable provides 275 puffs. This fact is always debatable, however, because each person’s draw is different. Some pull longer than others. Starfire also sells e-hookahs in numerous flavors.

Starter Kits

If you do not examine the website carefully, the only starter kit seems to be a $60 package carrying a personal charging case (worth its weight in e-juice), 5 cartridges, a USB adaptor, and two batteries. This is one option, but another is a mini. This $20 unit contains a cartridge, USB charger, and a rechargeable battery.

In other words, there are only two starter kits, but one of them is the lowest-priced express kit you will probably see any time soon. This is a fabulous price. The other starter kit is a good price on balance: more expensive than some, but cheaper if you consider the handy portable charger which costs $30 on its own.