Stormy’s Vapor Cellar

Stormysvaporcellar is an electronic cigarettes manufacturer that is committed to provide the best vaping experience to users. At Stormy’s Vapor Cellar, users can find many different starter kits from variety of e-cig brands and other Stormy’s Vapor Cellar authentic e-cig related parts.

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Starter Kits

Users can find the following variety in starter kits at their site:

  • Kanger Evod Starter Kit- $49.99
  • EastMall Riva 750 mAH Starter Kit- $39.99
  • EastMall Riva CE4 Blister Starter Kit- $15.99
  • Joyetech eVic Starter Kit- $104.25
  • DSE 901 Starter Kit- $23.99
  • SVC Microburst Mini cartomizer kit/Ego transparent cartomizer- $15.99

There is a starter kit suitable for people on different budgets and preferences. In addition, the main emphasis of their site is on e-liquid and the vaping experience.

Stormysvaporcellar E-Liquid

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar provides e-liquid approved by the FDA. The liquid is delicious taste wise and is made out of the perfect PG/VG blend. There are also many different flavors for users to choose from. Stormysvaporcellar offers many different flavors such as tobacco, cigar, menthol, sweet flavors and others.

Vaping Experience

The vaping experience of Stormy’s Vapor Cellar users will be beyond average. You can expect the vapor volume to be thick and more in volume as compared to other electronic cigarettes brands. What helps Stormysvaporcellar’s e-cigs to have more vapor is the fact that the e-liquid is made out of quality ingredients. The vapor volume will also depend on the electronic cigarette kit you get and the batteries with which the e-cigs are powered with.

Battery Life

The battery life of the e-cig will again depend on the kit you choose as all come with different batteries. For instance, the EastMall Riva kit comes with a 750 mAH battery that will last for at least 5-7 hours before users will be required to recharge their batteries again. However, if you choose a better battery, the battery life will increase automatically.

Other E-Cig Parts

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar offers many other e-cig parts such as cartomizers, rebuildable atomizers, mouth pieces and others, along with an assortment of accessories including Lanyard and cases that users can buy separately to carry their electronic cigarettes in style.