Taste E-Liquid

Taste Vape makes a refreshing change from the competition. It’s not just that their e-juices are different or interesting, but that their whole approach is better. I like it so much more when a company takes a light-hearted stance and does not take itself too seriously. I enjoy advertising much more when it isn’t backed up by a lot of flesh and tattoos (nothing against tattoos, but their constant presence makes me feel like anyone without body art isn’t supposed to quit smoking).

vaporight.comA Word about Advertising

E-juice manufacturers, vape shops, and e cig companies: get a load of this. You can sell a vaping product, stop short of calling it a smoking cessation device, win friends, and still leave the sex for sordid magazines. Taste Vape uses surf, mountains, and wildlife as their backdrop for a vaping experience. Their marketing is adventurous, energetic, bright, and appealing. If you’ve got creativity like these guys have, it can be done.

A Taste E-Liquid Review

Here are four flavors to sink your teeth into: Vanilla Custard, Lemon Key Lime, Blueberry Cream, and Banana Nut Bread. These are much like the wholesome treats of a bygone era; homemade treats and simple pleasures. At Taste Vape, they claim to create “a vape experience through flavor.” so let’s take a look at that experience.

Their version of Vanilla Custard is made with 43 flavors. That doesn’t sound simple, but is certainly an adventure. I hope those 43 flavors only serve to create a complex and authentic experience, not overwhelm the best elements of vanilla custard.

Lemon Key Lime is not a pie and they don’t say it is. If your mind wanted to make this a pie, stop right there. Lemon Key Lime adds a touch of cream, but it’s a citrus Italian Soda type of flavor.

Blueberry Cream is tart but sweet at the same time, not too much of either, and fresh cream softens both sides. Banana Nut Bread is warm and soft like the real baked loaf. You see a lot of this one on sites for cheap juice, but this is better stuff. In spite of the quality they promise, you will be surprised by their reasonable prices (or so Taste Vape says).

How to Woo Customers

Taste is making a strong showing on e cig review sites, although a search for this company usually yields at least three other companies with “Taste” or “Tasty” in their names. Be diligent and your work will pay off. You could also spend some time on their Facebook site.

It is no surprise that this page has been used by the Taste Vape team energetically, bringing customers in to comment and discuss the new brand. They joined Facebook in March of 2014 and in that time they have accumulated more than 3,500 likes. That is a phenomenal 500+ likes monthly and the “likes” are still rising steadily.

If you have not visited Taste Vape on their social media page, give them a chance to show you what they have to offer. At the very least see their clean glass bottles, simple logo (the name “Taste” is the focal point), and sign up for a competition. People are winning stuff and becoming enthusiastic about the new company which is why competitions are a good idea. The people at Taste are having fun, but they have also shown serious business acumen.