Texas Select Vapor

Conroe in Texas is where you will locate Texas Select Vapor. Their business is e liquid, with some vaping equipment thrown in as well. Texas Select Vapor chooses their e cigarettes and mixes their vapor juice carefully so that your juice and cartomizer work harmoniously. It would seem that this is not always the case. If you are unsure which e liquid to choose, talk to the people at Texas Select Vapor. They are always willing with suggestions.

Texas Select Vapor Review

Texas Select Vapor has adopted an innovation in e juice tracking: NicTrace. This system uses your juice’s lot number to bring up data on the exact batch your bottle came from. If, for any reason, the liquid is bad or exceptionally good, comments with the batch number will allow Texas Select Vapor to pinpoint the source of comments exactly.

Smokers are drawn to tobacco flavored juices as they try to quit smoking. Menthol and traditional versions tend to be the most popular. Texas Select Vapor carries menthol, Honey Nut, Flue Cured, 6th Street, and others. Vapers preferring a sweet experience might want to fill their tanks with Almond Bliss, Blurp (a berry mix), or black jellybean. All Texas Select vapors are made in the United States.


To get you on your way to vaping successfully, Texas Select Vapor also carries starter kits by Joyetech. Many people skip cigalikes and buy a 510-T right off the bat. Eventually, vapers become so interested in the mechanical side and fine tuning voltage/wattage with resistance that they prefer a Joyetech EVic APV or another mod.


A program like NicTrace shows how eager Texas Select Vapor is to be transparent. They are also members of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association. This adds a level of accountability, but the company is keen to act responsibly with or without external motivations. It’s good business, as is the high level of customer service they provide. Buy their liquids wholesale or from retailers all over the U.S.A.