The Magic Mist

Are you looking for a review of a UK electronic cigarette company? Magic Mist could be the one you have been searching for. Read further to learn more about what The Magic Mist has to offer and if it is different from the others you have already heard of or tried.

Different Approach

It is likely that if you have smoked e cigs before but are still searching, you have parts from at least one other brand hanging around. While wondering if you should throw them out, give them away, or sell them, it occurs to you that they might be compatible with another brand of electronic cigarettes.

The Magic Mist comes into the frame, listing brands their products are compatible with. In other words, if you are using batteries and blank cartridges from one firm, they could be used with Magic Mist products and vice versa. This is a fabulous feature of the website and a testimony to the confidence of the company in its ability to satisfy consumers.

Some Confusion

Deluxe Starter Kits come in five varieties, all the same price, and seemingly the same. There must be something different about each one. The difference is in compatibility. Geneva blank cartridges, for example, can be used with Krave, South Beach, and a few other electronic cigarettes.

Geneva, Bristol, and the other names of Magic Mist lines have nothing to do with flavors. Starter kits come with tobacco or menthol e juice-filled cartridges in varying levels of nicotine strengths. Vanilla and Cherry are your other two choices when purchasing e liquid separately.

Disposable Magic Mist

This brand manufactures disposable, tar-free e cigarettes with automatic batteries. They look like traditional yellow and white cigarettes. Enjoy the equivalent of two packs of cigs or around 500 puffs before disposing of your nicotine stick. They come in menthol and tobacco, have a high nicotine count, and cost about $8 each. Watch for sales and you could realize a worthwhile saving.