The Vaping Section

Owners of the Vaping Section take the topic of vaping seriously. It is not just a hobby but touted by some as an answer to the devastation smoking causes. The Vaping Section was founded by licensed respiratory therapists who also educate smokers about the risks of puffing on analogs.

The Vaping Section stores are almost all situated in California: Norca, Azusa, San Diego, Diamond Bar, and Rowland Heights. One store is situated in Honolulu, Hawaii. Shopping online is also an option.

The Vaping Section review thread online for Azusa’s store is the single bad one out of the bunch. They score virtually zero for customer service and selection. Actually, selection could be an overall problem, but their website takes some navigating.

Here’s the thing: do I read all ten pages of the The Vaping Section website? When I first entered their online “shop,” I was given to believe there wasn’t much to see. That is because this is one of the most poorly organized websites I have ever found.

Other than using the search engine, there is no way to filter a search so as to land on atomizers, batteries, or starter kits. There is no brand or price designation. Computers are fast, it doesn’t take long, but it’s not thoughtful on their part.

The Vaping Section appears to prefer mods over eGo e cigarettes. They carry Bio Mech, Chi You, Curves, and the Smoktech E Pipe. These are high end (except the e Pipe is an affordable $43.99). A Chi You Style Mojo costs $225 and the MCV by Bio Mech will set you back $189.99. The Vaping Section brings you high-tech, high-priced gear. That goes for drip tips as well.

In contrast, there are some reasonably priced items such as CE4 Clearomizers ($5.99) and Boge Cartomizers from $1.25 each.

The Liquid sold here is priced intermediately: good, but not exclusive. Halcyon’s Cran Ch’I and GQ’s Caviar are here. ELiq Cube sells Mango, Pink Starburst, and Irish Cream for $10 each at The Vaping Section, while Black Label has a Belgian Breakfast and Nocturnal Banana, each for $11.99.

Most of the time, items are in stock, but I see a lot of articles out of stock. Maybe your better bet would be to visit an actual branch of the store and see what’s displayed.