The Vapor Pro

The VaporPro is an extremely awesome place to visit especially if you are looking for individual ecig parts or components. They have a huge list of branded batteries and other goodies available on a very decent price module. There are even sales going on time to time which offer great discounts to loyal customers of the shop.

If you are not quite sure about how modifications or ecigs work in general, The VaporPro has a huge section dedicated to teaching you how stuff works. For instance, you can check out their frequently asked questions section or their accessories guide to learn more about how you can customize and upgrade your ecig for better vapor and overall performance. We found their guide to be quite helpful and will recommend it to beginners.

The VaporPro doesn’t offer free shipping but if you purchase in bulk, you are given a huge discount over the products. You can choose from relatively anything you want from parts to components and ecig flavors. But keep in mind the ecig flavors listed down on the website are all made by third party vendors. So make sure before you buy any eliquid, you should have an idea of the manufacturer.


I’ve tried a lot of brands in my day smoking e-cigs.  One brand I haven’t tried, but decided to review, is The Vapor Pro.

I will go on a limb and say that if you haven’t tried either of these three brands, look there first. It’s amazing what Vapor Fi, V2, and Green Smoke have done for the industry and I suggest those three brands above all others.  I also have some substantial discount codes for each.