The Vapor Room

Looking for my top picks of ’14?  See below.  Then, check out the Vapor Room review.

The Vapor Room is an excellent place to shop for ecig flavors. Their flavors are produced in the US and are 100% legit stuff. You can get your hands on a huge list of flavors that are available in both PG and VG mixes. Depending on your taste, nicotine and throat hit requirements; you can experiment and get the best deal for you.

The best bit about The Vapor Room is their save a friend program. If you and your friends’ vape together and try out new flavors all the time, or simply need flavors to go with your ecig occasionally, you can avail a lot of discounts using this program. The program allows you to refer a friend and as soon as they place an order, you get a coupon for a free 15ml bottle. If that’s not all, the first time visitor or purchaser gets a free 15ml bottle anyway. So this is an excellent place to share with people if you want free stuff.

As far as their flavors go, The Vapor Room’s flavors are great tasting and produce enough vapor to give you a really good throat hit. Just remember that PG base flavors are better if you are hardcore.