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A vape shape in Foley, Alabama, brings vapers all the most common Chinese e-cigs they could possibly want. They’ve got Innokin, Kamry, and Smok products. Their brands also include Ghetto Vapes, Golden Armour, Ricardo Ferrer, V3Tronix, Kontrabida Kustoms, and Team Hot Wire.

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If you are wondering what products relate to those names and if they have anything to do with vaping, you might not be investigating mechanical mods just yet or your studies have lead you to better-known names. At least, the companies you have dealt with up until now haven’t listed this varied group with their unique styles of collectible hardware.

You have probably seen Vicious Ant, EHPro, Chi You, and RJ Mods, but not the names above. At TLC Vapes, they have a thing for fully mechanical mods and particularly items that catch customers by surprise. That’s a partial list by the way.

What are Mechanical Mods?

In e-cig lingo, these are advanced vaping devices that operate using a battery, but there is no circuitry, no microprocessor, to supply extra features like an LED screen, a puff counter, variable voltage or wattage, or battery protection. A Kick or a fuse protector can be added separately.

Mechanical units can still be regulated by adjusting air flow and changing coil resistance on the atomizer a consumers adds. A cheap CE4 is of no use here: you need a tank. Nothing comes with the mod typically: it’s just a tube. Customers add batteries and a tank.

Mechanical mods like these ones are notable for their limited manufacture. The makers created only 100s or over 1000, but not 10,000 or more in a factory. Each one is serialized to prove it is a genuine article, not a knock-off.

As an investment they are ideal because you can change the buttons, activator switches, and springs when they become worn. Your mod tube might last for years before finding pride of place in a chest of keepsakes or in a display case.

Mechanical Mods at TLC Vapes

As a result, items from names already mentioned cost in excess of $140 each, often more than $200. Similarly, atomizers such as the Lotus by Tactical Workz are prices $105 and a Tugboat by Flawless is $85.

Is There a Cheaper Route?

A customer interested in mods but uninterested in the weighty cost of collecting the mod tube, battery, and tank to the tune of $200 or more combined can choose a cheaper mod like the Cool Fire by Innokin or a Smok Magneto. A Magneto at TLC sells for $49.95. Smok E-Pipes are around the same price. They operate exactly the same as regular mods, just with a pipe shape. TLC Vapes also carries the Smok SID, Galileo, and ZMax.

Drip Tips at TLC Vapes

You would not expect a company selling high-priced mods to offer cheap accessories, and TLC Vapes does not disappoint. Their chosen line of drip tips is PJ Drips. Metal tips like the Crater and Bamboo are priced $15, while the Stubby is $10. Most tips cost from $1.99 and up but at this price they would be made from delrin, rubber, or acrylic. PJ Drips are all heavy duty metal ware.

Liquids on the List

TLC Vapes continues their love of all things costly with a line of e-liquids that will curl your toes in delight. Absent are cheap Chinese liquids, and though many consumers quite like those, American made juices are patriotic. Select Space Jam, Five Pawns, The Mad Alchemist, Drake’s Vapes, or Cloud Sauce. They are all different prices and flavors and generally thought of as complex juices.

Meet the Team

The team at TLC Vapes runs a big shop full of down-to-earth décor in Perdido Key Florida. They are also on Facebook where owners are making full use of social media. Explore their news (regarding ecigs and TLC Vapes), look for give-aways and contests, and peruse photos of their high-end stock. You can also find them on Twitter and Youtube.