Totally Wicked E-Liquid

Totally Wicked could mean completely amazing or absolutely devilish. Though the logo for TW e cigs and e juice shows a muscular, horned, vaping devil, the company’s mission embraces the first definition. Goals at TW include providing great quality at good prices and offering enviable customer service. This review covers products and alternate methods used to advertise them.

E Liquid Education

One negative about many e cig websites is that they have been shy about explaining e liquid, or perhaps negligent. There are a few exceptions, but TW does a stellar job of describing what nicotine is, how it becomes e liquid, and other facts about the production of nicotine “juice.” You will learn about the natural products and food-grade additives (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) used to dilute the nicotine, plus the way a flavorless base becomes the e juice one experiences. Everything is written in layman’s terms too.

The Site

No other electronic vaping companies use cartoons to promote their goods. You will enjoy the difference, and the simple black and red style. Besides, this demon is almost benign with his shades on.

New e smokers might find the product catalogue overwhelming. It is not divided neatly, the way many are, into e cigs, tanks systems, and accessories. Everything is there to see, and if an item is on sale, a clock shows when the deal runs out. As convenient as that last bit is, newbies have a hard time figuring out what they need. This site lumps e cig parts (cartomizers and batteries) with tank system parts (tanks, bodies, atomizers, and more).

Electronic Innovation

E cigars are not innovative: a few other companies also carry them. What you might not have seen before is the e pipe. Did you think they had gone out of fashion with chivalry and real fireplace fires? Replace the mouthpiece separately when yours begins to look shabby.