There is a lot of information on the VapeMate website, but give yourself time to get oriented. You will be glad you did. They offer some drastic sales and some smaller reductions on regular products. Their starter kits come from Blu Vaper, Biansi, Innokin, and Smoktech. VapeMate carries mods, APVs, and custom vaping machines. They also sell liquids by Flavour Crafters. VapeMate is a Canadian company based in Ontario.

VapeMate Review

Under new releases, VapeMate had the King Kong Drip Tip for 510 tanks costing $4.09. That was just the start: this is a section you should revisit frequently. Other new items included the Kanger Protank 3 BDC, Smok Guardian E-Pipe, and Tobeco clones.

A Biansi Starter Kit with two BCC clearomizers, 2 eGo batteries (900 and 1000mAh), and a USB cable is $79.95. It comes with a carry case too. The price is fairly good.

Sweet liquids include Root Beer, Vanilla Cake, and Banana Cream. Try tobaccos like Coconut, Blueberry, Mac Maurier, and Navy Cut priced $8.95 for 10mls. This is not the cheapest, but you don’t want cheap; you want good liquid. A single complaint I have seen regarding their liquids as that the bottles are not large enough. With shipping, 30ml bottles would present a convenient option.

They do offer discounts for purchasing multiple liquids. For three bottles, enjoy a 7% discount. Up to 5 bottles gets you 15% off, or purchase 6+ for 24% off. Customer Service is great. Don’t be afraid to ask about bestsellers.

VapeMate Origins

The owners of VapeMate had tried to quit smoking. They used prescription remedies and over-the-counter methods, but nothing made a dent in their cigarette consumption. Then they heard about electronic cigarettes. From the first one they gave up smoking for good and want everyone to know it can make a difference to their lives. When patches and gum are not working, try vaping.