Thanks to legislation banning the public use of e-cigs in California, the VapeRev homepage is a little preoccupied. Consumers are urged to protest this decision before contemplating their next purchases. News and views are a part of the site for certain, but they will not ultimately distract from the purpose of your visit (unless you came to get involved with the community, which you are more likely to do via social media anyway).

Features at VapeRev

My visit started with a burst of information and featured products. The clutter required some concentration on my part to arrive at categories. When I did, these turned out to be a mixture of high-end and affordable mods.

I could buy a Joyetech eVic for $110 if it was in stock, but it wasn’t. I read somewhere about a recall that could account for the difficulty in keeping this product in stock at a lot of stores.

I could buy a Knurled King Mod, Innokin iTaste MVP V.2 ($65, a good price), or an eRoll (same price). The Ba Gua Mod in brass is $100.

A whole bunch of products from Atmizoo were listed, but not available. The problem with Atmizoo is that they are created in small numbers to start with. Once they sell out, you could be in for a wait before they return to American shores.

There were actually a lot of stock issues, probably relating to VapeRev’s preference for similarly limited editions, like the Nemesis (all editions were absent from shelves). But you could pick up a Tree of Life or a Pisces for $190 and a Senovar for $215.

More from a VapeRev Review

The same stock issues as experienced by Atmizoo customers befall Atmomixani patrons in search of their drip tips in brass or steel. The Hippo and Brass Twins were absent.

I could get hold of an Atmistique drip tip though. The same was true of Ming and Pawn polished drip tips (beautiful) for $15 or plain Pawns for $10.

The Rev 901 atomizer was available. I could buy pre-punched Flow cartomizers, five for $8. RBAs by Piculisci, Squape, and Arrow 17 were present and accounted for.

The Best in Juice

VapeRev chooses to sell only good juice; nothing cheap. Buy yourself a bottle of Ben Jonson, Halo, Midas, or Mr. Good Vape.