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Apart from the fact that VapingCraze also displays a number of different ecig mods for popular modular ecigs. For instance, you can easily find mods for brands like Orion V3 by Nosmoker, Origen Mods by Norbert, JM mods by Jacek, SmokeTech, JoyeTech, Footon and Atomo.

VapingCraze also sells individual cartomizers with great savings you won’t find anywhere over the internet. For instance, each product listed on the cartomizers and atomizers page of the website has at least 10% savings on all the products listed. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite electronic cigarette while saving some bucks.

You can also grab a number of accessories for your electronic cigarette by the manufacturers listed above. Once again, VapingCraze has a nice variety of accessories with discounts. Some of the accessories can also be obtained via a sale that goes on every month. These accessories are a great way to fill for any spare parts you are missing.


VapingCraze is a great way to shop for electronic cigarettes on the web. The website is beautifully designed and is easy to use. Moreover, it accepts most popular paying methods with minimum delivery charges.