This VapingZone review will primarily focus on products and presentation. I will take a look at the website, how they price their goods, and the goods they have chosen to carry.

Products at VapingZone

VapingZone has opted to go with the good stuff, items like the Innokin iTaste and Kanger Protank. These are highly rated pieces of e cig equipment and you will get good value for money buying them.

VapingZone sells its own e liquid, including DIY essentials and pre-mixed juice. Pay just $4.99 for 5mls of Crème Brulee juice in a 5ml bottle. If you find 10ml is too much at once when you are just trying a flavor or brand out, VapingZone sizing will appeal to you.

Buying the 10ml bottle costs only $2 more. Nicotine increases gradually to 36mg, so there are no issues with levels suddenly jumping before you are quite ready to transition up or down.

Pricing at VapingZone

A Kmax/Oled telescopic mod is sold here for less than 50% the regular price. Many products are on sale, though there are some which are already pretty inexpensive. Discount codes and wholesale pricing also enable consumers to watch their pennies and get the best prices on electronic cigarettes they can find on the internet.

The VapingZone Website

I really like this website in most ways. Categories are laid out in a natural way, making the site easy to navigate. What I dislike strongly is the way their discount graphic (a big red sun) tends to cover parts of product descriptions.

A small detail like this means I have to click on an item to discover if it is something I might want or not unless pictures are decent. Most of the time they are; still, details matter.

VapingZone University, a category at the top of the page, lists several videos. These show consumers more about their products. Learn how to fill a clearomizer with liquid or use a pass-through battery.