Vapor Alley

As a smoker of electronic cigarettes, you initially located goods from the makers of electronic cigs, at stores in-person, or from superstores. You might have begun vaping with disposable cigarettes or a starter kit. Vaping superstores sell assorted electronic cigarettes, kits, parts, and juices. Each store independently chooses which brands to carry.

V2 Cigs Standard Starter KitWarning:  I put this out there for the consumers.  I always recommend buying direct.  That’s not to say Vapor Alley is bad or dishonest, or anything like that, but when you buy direct, you have way more power as a consumer.

They are much more prone to servicing a warranty or helping you with any of their product defects.  I shop direct from V2 Cigs.

Vapor Alley Review

One such store, Vapor Alley, operates online and also runs a shop in Easton, Maryland. Their physical store runs a juice bar (not the type of juice you drink at a fitness center). Categories are as expected: batteries, pass-throughs (they carry just one type), replacement tanks, et al. Peruse their selection by the price you can afford to pay, use the search engine to look for specific brands, or just go to a category and explore there.

Like other multi-brand carriers, selection is limited to a handful. Names on the list include Kanger, Gemini, JoyeTech, and Smoktech. Many big, popular names are missing, though they probably get plenty of customer in spite of this. What advantages will one experience by using this format when shopping for electronic vaporizers?

Extensive Variety

Instead of looking at what a particular company has to offer, consumers search by the item they want. This means that if one brand only carries e cigs and not tank systems, or they do not carry pass-through batteries, customers can still find them. If cases are limited in color and style, spread your net a bit wider to include retailers like Vapor Alley where selection includes bright, appealing shades.

Competitive Pricing

There is no guarantee that going to the source will get you the best prices. Sometimes the deals are found at third-party sales centers like Vapor Alley. They set their costs independently, and can often pass on decent prices due to mass purchasing policies. Just check before making any assumptions. A superstore has to make its profit too.