Vapor Associates

The e juices created by Vapor Associates LLC are all made in the United States to high standards by a man who began with one goal: to improve on the dreadful vaping experiences he had endured by making better e liquid. After experimenting extensively, Richard decided he was ready to bring high-quality products to the people.

That was back in 2009. Now, there are three High Caliber lines: the Prestige Edition, Oak Barrel Edition, and the Classic Edition. Vapor Associates LLC is located in Boise, Idaho.

VaporAssociates.comPromoting Family Values

In this Vapor Associates review, you will find out what it means to run an e liquid business the right way. Richard posts his certificates of inspection online so that customers can see what inspectors are looking for when they say Propylene Glycol is pure or Vegetable Glycerin passes standards.

Vapor Associates’s certificate says their USP propylene glycol is kosher and their USP kosher vegetable glycerin is 99.7% pure. Richard runs his business on the basis of “family values,” and if something is not good enough for his family he will not sell it to vapers. At least that is what I take from the term “family values.”

Top Sellers

The top-selling High Caliber e juices from the traditional line are Blue Raspberry, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, and Kill Vanilla. Flame Thrower, Hot Cinnamon, Tiger’s Blood, and American 55 are also big sellers. Blue Raspberry is not a mixture of two fruits but a candy-style vape. Tiger’s Blood combines coconut and strawberry.

Prestige Edition

Six patriotic titles make up this dripping line made with organic glycerin. Dripping juices are high in vegetable glycerin so they produce extra-thick vapor. Try Liberty: a grape, kiwi, strawberry juice. Anthem mixes kiwi with cream. With Justice, there is something for fans of black jelly beans: absinthe, crème de menthe, candy, and licorice.

Oak Barrel

These 3 e liquids are all tobacco styles aged in fire-charred oak barrels for several days. Butterscotch Burley, Cuban Lush, and Sweet Hickory will probably be joined by other flavors in the near future. The idea of oak barrel-aged e liquid has become a popular one.

Buy E Juice from Vapor Associates LLC

Customers are unable to purchase e juice directly from Vapor Associates. Only wholesalers may purchase the goods here, but you will find High Caliber liquid at many vapor stores around the country. Their products are inexpensive, popular, and widely reviewed so there is no difficulty finding comments which flesh out each flavor and share their good and bad points.

In spite of claims to high quality, High Caliber cannot please everyone. The best things you can do are to measure the odds that you will enjoy a certain product, one that is in your flavor profile, and possibly try it at a tasting bar.

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