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What was once the Vapor Place in Florida is now Vapor Burst in 5 Florida locations. They are going strong and their website has the professional look of a business that is doing very well. Take a good look at what they sell and their prices. They must have something special to offer customers that makes up for their prices because to have 5 locations means they are successful.

VaporBurst.comA Vapor Burst Review

I will start with the negative as it is always good to get that out of the way. I am not impressed with pricing at Vapor Burst. At times it is not just a little high but really expensive to shop at Vapor Burst.

The iTaste MVP 2.0 by Innokin costs $89.99, and although it is listed as a starter kit, I do not see mention made of accessories. The JoyeTech eVic, also listed among starter kits, costs $124.99. In either case, you should be able to get a better deal by about $20. The JoyeTech eRoll is $84.99.

At least they sell only authentic goods as the website points out from page one: real JoyeTech, Kanger, Boge, SmokTech, and other good quality products. Knock-offs cause a lot of the problems the e cig business is plagued with where consumers take their bad experiences with generic products and believe every e cig must be a piece of junk.

That is not the case — not if you are willing to pay for better-quality devices. Even so, Vapor Burst asks customers to pay too much.

Their E Liquid Selection

Vapor Burst also sells a range of e liquids, most of them high-end choices like Pink Spot, Vape Dudes, Alien Vision, and more. You will find these in the store for trying out if you are not sure about flavors, but they are also for sale online. That’s the great thing about an online/brick-and-mortar shop: customers get to choose which method of shopping is most convenient for them.

With such a wide selection of e juices, there is also a range of prices and flavors. Just about every customer is accounted for.

Vaping Batteries

There is a whole selection of batteries, which is a little unusual in that Vapor Burst carries several designer patterns. You can buy regular Joye 510 XL batteries and EFest IMR batteries, but there is an eGo featuring Marilyn Monroe, a Tie-Dye pattern, purple flowers, and an abstract pattern. If those do not catch your eye, there is always an excellent Evod battery by Kanger, 650 mAh for $19.99, or the eGo-C 1000 Twist for $34.99.

Replacement Atomizers

In this category, one usually finds regular and low-resistance atomizers and/or rebuildables. Vapor Burst carries both sorts. Their rebuildables are mostly clones or low-cost devices like the RSST or Copper Tobh Clone ($37.99). At $89.99, I am guessing the Patriot is the real thing. Buy a 3D Clone for $49.99 or a Zenith Clone for $34.99.

Mechanical Mods for Advanced Vapers

Virtually every mod in their list is a clone such as a $75 Black Stingray Clone, but there are exceptions. The Pinoy Tsuru is an authentic, serialized device at nearly $200. So is the Pinoy Invictus for the same price (Pinoy means from or a native of the Philippines). A Mutant Copper Clone looks great but only costs $81.99.

Clearomizers and Tanks

Your regular or designer eGo battery will fit onto the Vivi Nova regular or Mini ($17.99 and $15.99), a CE4 costing $6.99, or the iClear 30 for $19.99. This last one would look just right with the MVP but the Aspire Nautilus is sizable, perfect for a bigger battery (maybe the eGo-T 1000).


Vapor Burst is a suitable source of vaping equipment if you are new to vaping, moderately experienced, or an expert. Their exciting product selection is sure to please despite the price.

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