Vapor Couture

Finally, e-cigs made just for women!

Welcome to the Vapor Couture review.  I brought in a special guest named Monica to tell me her thoughts on the first ever electronic cigarette for women.
Made by VMR Products, the parent company of V2 Cigs, this is an elegant, sophisticated e-cigarette for the classiest of classy ladies.

I’ll let Monica’s words speak for the brand and talk about it from a women’s point of view.  This is our first guest contribution to the website but hopefully if all goes well, we can get more contributions from the audience.

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So, let me first say that I’m honored Brock is literally using me like a guinea pig to give his audience a candid review of this e-cig!  It’s all good though, I’m happy to help out and since I’ve been wanting to get into e-cigarette smoking for so long, I was happy something literally came my way that fit my personality.

Vapor Couture ClutchMy first reaction was “Oh my God, did Gucci start making electronic cigarettes?”  

Everything about this brand screams CLASS.  It’s got a sleek battery with a very nice sophisticated look and feel, but best of all, this actually hits like a real cigarette. It’s slim, almost like those old Misty 100’s if you’ve ever seen those.  So it fits into our little lady hands and isn’t bulky like some of those tank e-cigarettes.

As a menthol smoker, I really liked their menthol flavor. It’s smooth, crisp, and minty.

The way the battery is so slim it really makes it easy to fit in and look like you are really smoking a cigarette.  Although, the crystal LED tip is a really nice way to stand out.

The battery design is also really nice.  They offer a few styles to choose from, all very lady-like.

Overall, this was right up my alley. While the battery may be weaker than the other e-cigs Brock had me try, it’s probably by design and it’s not a big drop-off.  The slim look and feel is more than enough to make up for a shorter life span.

This was a gift from Brock, but he told me to recap all the prices so here it goes:

Vapor Couture Starter KitStarter Kits offered by Vapor Couture E-Cigarettes:

The Entree Kit:

Just $39.99, it’s basically a battery and some cartridges, plus all the fancy charging devices you need to keep charged.

The Essentials:

For $64.95, you get two batteries, two sets of cartridges, and the charging devices.

The Deluxe:

For $99.95, you get the Deluxe kit.  This includes everything you see above in the Essentials Kit plus a lanyard and a well designed clutch bag.  Everything here reminds me of Louis Vuitton, which is saying something: This brand is done up!


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