Vapor Depot

Along with electronic cigarettes, The Vapor Depot sells the PAX herbal vaporizer. Recently, several e cig shops have diversified, selling vaporizing equipment like this. Besides the PAX, The Vapor Depot sells kits like the Blaster 510, Vapor Bolt, eGo, and a The Vapor Depot Pipe 601.

Under Elite and VV kits is the Cool Fire 2 for $69.99. The body is shaped like a grenade in black or camo with a matching pouch. Also in the package are a stainless steel drip tip, 20mls of juice, and a tank (i30 or Trophy). The Cool Fire 2 is a VV, VW tool with a rotating drip tip, 510 threading, battery protection, and 10 second safety shut-off.

At the time I researched the company, they were just adding items like 510 rubber drip tips and Xtreme atomizer shields, each in four colors, each just $3.99. That is pretty cheap. Their eGo tank blank cartridges are $1.89 each. They have also added Leur syringes and needles to their accessories selection.

Take a load off with Mr. Smiley’s Relaxation E Liquid, selling at $14.99 for 10mls. Yes, this is a lot, but the juice is not your ordinary blend. It contains natural extracts like melatonin chosen specifically for helping people chill. Flavors are Irish Cream, grape, blueberry, cherry, and vanilla.

Specialty flavors come in 0 to 36mg of nicotine. A few of them are Budderfinger, Butter Rum, and Raspberry Zinger. There are loads more on the menu.

Everyday prices are good at The Vapor Depot, and then there’s the Clearance section. Stop by just in case your necessary accessory winds up here.