Featuring authentic and classy designed electronic cigarettes, Vapor Fi (previously known as Vapor Zone) is an electronic cigarettes brand based in U.S. Owned by the International Vapor Group, maker’s of South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes and Ever Smoke, this is the companies latest attempt at expansion and it includes many retail establishments – something not many e-cig brands have today.

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Why VaporFi?

This is perhaps the most UNIQUE approach to vaping, period.  You get all the vapor cigarette goodness plus the ability to make your OWN custom flavors with the help of the Vapor Fi staff.


Plus, as you’ll read below, their incredible product line features some insanely advanced technology.  This is unlike any other e-cigarette review you’ll see online.

Vapor Fi Electronic Cigarettes

VaporFi has its e-cigs very authentically designed. A standard VF e-cig is based on the three part design that includes a cartridge, a battery and an atomizer. The design of the e-cigs is what sets them apart from other ecigs. The electronic cigarettes are ideally sized and boast a very modern day look. Each e-cig has a unique tip that products from different brands lack.

Battery Life

The battery life of their advanced electronic cigarettes is pretty amazing. After initial recharge, you will get 18-20 hours of battery life (subject to use). The companyoffers standard and high capacity batteries both in different starter kits but you can buy additional ones separately.


Vapor Fiis the leading name in the e-cig industry when it comes to e-liquid. The brand manufactures its e-liquid in United State facilities, with safe to use ingredients and in approved facilities. There is plenty of choice with respect to their e-juice line as they are available in many different flavors.

Users can purchase the e-liquid separately in the flavors they like or choose the flavors of their e-liquid when they buy a starter kit.  There is a big variety of authentic flavors available including Mango Cheesecake, Blended Mojito, Fancy Latte, Cuba Libre, Fruity Hookah and many others.

VaporZone Pulse KitStarter Kits

They offers six different starter kits.

These include the following:

  • Express Kit- price$29.99
  • Air Kit- price $49.99
  • Pro Kit: price $49.99
  • Platinum Pro: price $59.99
  • Pulse Kit: price $119.99
  • Rebel Kit: price $179.99

The Express and Air Starter Kits are best suited for beginners; people who only want to try out what it’s like to smoke electronically and also those who are on a strict budget. Subsequently, the Pro and Platinum Pro are most suited for those who are convinced about leaving smoking and are willing to spend a little extra. Lastly, the Pulse, Rocket and Rebel are for people who want something more advanced.

They changed their name, added a vaporizer to their catalogue, and now VaporFi is launching the Rocket. This all sounds like a lot of change in a short time, which has its good and bad points. We will be examining these changes in the following VaporFi review.

Vapor Fi E CigsE Cigs First

VaporFi started with e cigs and that is what they specialize in even now.

Their range features 6 styles of electronic cigarettes: the Express, Pro, Pulse, Rebel, Air, and now the Rocket.

The Rocket is a new vaporizer that has been released September, 2014, as they continually remain one of the forerunners in the industry, with cutting edge vapor products.

The VaporFi Rocket

Some people like to make a big impression all at once instead of making lots of little impressions over time. VaporFi has chosen the former course by changing their name (they were Vapor Zone previously), launching the Orbit herbal vaporizer, and launching the Rocket APV all within weeks of each other.

The Rocket provides a midway point between eGos and the Rebel. Neither the Pro nor the Pulse is a variable voltage battery, whereas the Rebel offers variation with extras like the excellent power of a mod.

VaporFi Rockets

With a Rocket costing $119.99, customers can adjust voltage (temperature) to create extra vapor or reduce vapor. They receive the Rocket airflow tank, 1.8-ohm dual atomizer, a 1600-mAh battery, and 5 replacement atomizers.

Here is why you should buy a bundle and not purchase batteries, clearomizers, and chargers independently. You would pay $49.99 simply to purchase the battery. A tank costs $39.99. A bundle provides a charger plus those pieces and atomizers but costs less than their value combined, at least by brand standards.

It won’t surprise those familiar with VaporFi to read that they don’t supply e juice with this kit either. Could that be a change to come?

Too Fast?

You might wonder if making so many attention-seeking moves is wise. VaporFi could have spread out their new releases to revive interest every so often, but the company might have more surprises awaiting customers too. If so, there is no need to hold back now.

Buying the Bundle

What I mean by “brand standards” is that branded products are usually substantially more expensive than generic products that work the same, just because a company name has been added. If you were to purchase a USB charger, battery, and clearomizer of the same quality but made by a good Chinese company (Vision, Smok, or Aspire, for instance), they would not cost as much as the Rocket. That goes for most of the products sold by VaporFi and other US companies.

Fillin’ in the Blanks

An LCD screen is not mentioned, nor do we see a button. Is this a twist-style battery? VaporFi seems not to understand the consumer’s point of view. When they provide a product write-up, it lacks too much information; details vapers don’t always think to ask about until it’s too late.

A VaporFi battery will accept lots of different atomizers, not just the ones they make for the Rocket and other models. That is a huge advantage over proprietary models by competitors.

More at VaporFi

While Green Smoke and Blucig are satisfied carrying a limited selection of products, VaporFi has never settled. They seem to have ADHD at entrepreneurial headquarters and can’t stop adding new products. These are not always inventive (eGos here and elsewhere are about the same size and do the same things), but R&D cannot sit still either.

Electronic Cigarette Models

They created an Express e cig for new vapers. This works with cartomizers and resembles a cigarette, thanks to the white striped battery. It’s a low-power item, but good for beginners.

Their secondary offering is a little Air vaporizer featuring 350 mAh and an oval shape which fits into a pocket. It comes in white or black.

A VaporFi eGo does what all eGos do: heats up e liquid on the strength of a bigger battery (650 mAh) and above. The Pro and Pulse can last for hours after being charged fully. The Pro comes in lots of colors, matte rather than shiny like the Triton by Halo. These include a Platinum version to match with a bigger tank. The Pulse comes with a circular, wireless charger which also acts as a stand.

A Rebel blends the “badness” of a mechanical mod (bad being good in this instance) with the convenience of circuitry. Its telescopic configuration allows the client to hold a big vaping pen or a short and demure one.

Their new Orbit is an herbal vaporizer for $99.99. It looks just like the Eonsmoke Falcon which costs a bit more but was released much earlier. The Orbit allows VaporFi to compete with Eonsmoke but, more importantly, with V2 Cigs’ Pro Series 3-in-1 vaporizer.

E Liquid by VaporFi

VaporFi blends juices when you order them. They taste fresh and the flavors are excellent. Ask about creating your own flavor if you don’t see just what you want. Mix watermelon with menthol ice and blueberry. Choose coffee, amaretto, and brown sugar. Drop a pear in your Appletini. The custom-blending section is all about vaper freedom and choice. The price remains: $14.99 for 30 ml.

Buying juice by the bottle is more cost effective than purchasing cartomizers priced $3 each ($14.99 for five). There are many more flavors this way too.

Is VaporFi Missing Anything?

As mentioned earlier by this writer and by others since the company started, e juice is a missing feature in all kits. Every mini cig kit sold by every other e cig manufacturer is packaged with e juice.

The other item VaporFi does not carry is a disposable e cig. Maybe that would be overkill considering they already carry six different e cigs, Express batteries in 2 sizes, multiple clearomizers and tanks, and a vaporizer. But disposables give customers a method of trying e cigs without having to buy chargers or liquid. They also introduce new vapers to the VaporFi line.

For a sense of what the VaporFi Express will feel like, South Beach Smoke sells a similar product since the two companies (plus Eversmoke and Nutrismoke) are owned by a single parent company known as IVG.

How To Get A Vapor Fi Product?

Their products can be acquired from the company’s official website. The site fully secured. The company offers 30 day refund in case users don’t like their purchase and want their money back. Additionally, users can also choose to subscribe to the Home Delivery program at VaporZone to avail exclusive offers and lifetime warranty on all the products.

Other VaporZone Products

There are plenty of other e-cig products that you can buy. These include e-cig accessories such as cases and lanyards, e-cig batteries, e-cig e-liquid, e-cig chargers, tanks and atomizers. All of these can be viewed from the company’s official website and can be purchased separately, in addition to starter kits.

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