Vapor God

With a company name like “Vapor God,” e cig smokers know they are in the right place to find juice flavors, but they might not realize they can buy accessories here too. Read this Vapor God review to find out if the company can compete in a new but rapidly-filling marketplace.

If you are looking for sick batteries, and thousands (over 30,000 to be exact) of flavors of e-liquids, check out Vapor Zone.  You can thank me later.

Their website:

New and Unusual

Some of the usual suspects in e juice are present in the Vapor God catalogue. They have to be, or customers would go elsewhere. Then again, people who have never heard of Vapor God will be tempted to take a look at their unusual flavors. Along with the ordinary fruits and tobacco are Worcestershire, dill pickle, bacon, and jalapeno. Even if you are only curious, they got your attention. Why not stick around and find out what else is on sale?


Battery choices are bewildering to the newly initiated e smoker, but you would probably not start with an online “general store” when beginning to vaporize. As you become more familiar with electronic cigarettes, you begin to see how certain sizes and makes of batteries hold their charge longer or produce more powerful vapor.

When you understand batteries better, search for the mAh rating you are looking for. Also, consider buying a pass-through battery if you cannot wait for a battery to charge before smoking again.

More Pieces

Replacement tanks, tubes, coils, and more are compatible with Redux, Nova, Vivi, and Smoktech. If you have a brand in mind, search for what Vapor God can sell you that is compatible.

How to Search

Search the catalogue according to price if you have a budget to consider. Vapor God also allows consumers to search by category. There are few categories until you choose one, which is when sub-categories show up. This can be good if you find many websites overwhelming with their plethora of details, but frustrating if you want to hone in immediately on a product.