Vapor Mania

Utah’s Vapor Mania supplies e cig users with juice and hardware so they can keep their new, healthier habit going. They sell mods by Smoktech, Chi-You, the eCab, and the Bolt plus accessories for mods and eGos. Investigate using the search option, by category (atomizers, eGo, etc.), or look under New Products and Specials.

Vapor Mania Review

Skinz will make no difference to the quality of your vapor or battery performance: they just jazz up the look of a mod or eGo. The larger skinz cost $14.99 and the smaller ones are $9.99 for zebra prints, floral, tie-dye, and some spooky patterns. Slip them on to change the style of an e cig without having to buy a selection of different-colored batteries.

Vapor Mania sells mods and mod kits, lots of kits, including the Nemesis Clone, Rook II, Silver Bullet, and Vamo 3. A Rook II kit costs $154.99. A lot of mod kits are out of stock, but this appears not to be a problem on other Vapor Mania product pages.

At least, Vapor Mania gives you lots of ways to stay in touch so you can find out when stock comes in. Call their Sunset Utah store, visit, or email them. Hours and contact details are listed online.

Usually, a mod does not come with a battery unless the kit contains one. Vapor Mania supplies loads of battery sizes and makes such as Panasonic and Sony. For each product, you will find compatible parts.

Your Kayfun Lite Clone 510 tank comes with adjustable connector and airflow. It features a spare tank section made of polycarbonate and costs $39.99. Some parts are rebuildable. Most important is the look, like a Dalek from Dr. Who.

Vapor Mania’s juice is a lot of fun too. Do you fancy 10mls of candy cane cocoa for $5.99? You get more juice for that price than it would cost to buy a hot drink by the same name at certain coffee shops. They sell only USP-grade base liquids like Chiclets and Dragonfruit up to 2.4% nicotine.

Vapor Mania also issues reward points to customers. For every order, you earn 10% of the subtotal in the form of points. A point equals $1. Though not an original idea, it sure works. Customers can look forward to freebies just because they stuck with Vapor Mania, freebies that will come along quickly if you are a heavy vaper replacing parts and juice often.