Vapor Shark

By the look of things, a Vapor Shark review is really a review of some other product, like Kanger. Experienced vapers suggest that Vapor Shark GLASS is nothing more than a Protank in disguise, though there are many products like this on the market where they are very similar. Based in southern Florida, staff at Vapor Shark is routinely lauded for their conscientious service.


Vapor Shark has a nice line of e-juice, and they are pretty good flavors, and reasonably priced.


You have to love the name Minnow by Vapor Shark. Already you get the idea: this is a small tank e-cig with a modest 320mAh battery.

The Minnow charges magnetically: ingenious. Its 1.3ml tank is disposable and the whole thing (battery included, but no e-juice) costs $24.99. This is a modest price for a cross between a tank and a vaping pen. You can expect higher tags for other APVs, though your usual e-cig express kit costs around the same amount with a USB charger included plus e-liquid.

GLASS High Performance Kit Pro

Your GLASS starter comes with 30mls of liquid, a plus right off of the bat. You can expect to pay $15 for that much liquid on its own, or more.

GLASS is a controversial product, what some reviewers are describing as a “knock-off.” You will have to compare for yourself.

The starter kit is full with two 900mAh batteries in five colors and a 2.5ml capacity tank. This has a bottom coil atomizer head (you get two 1.8ohm atomizer heads). Add a colorful silencer mouthpiece for $4.99 to match the battery or add further flair.

Nicotine strength goes up to 36mg: that is better than extra-strength. Vapor Shark sells lots of flavors, including unusual offerings like Root Beer and Apple Pie. VS claims leakage protection is improved with their latest model.

All of this costs $104.99 and you cannot really argue with a price like that if it works. As tanks systems go, two 900mAh batteries should create plenty of vapor. You also get a wall charger and decorative plate.