Most companies on a regular vaping review site come from the United States. Sometimes they hail from Europe. Vaporus is a Canadian company situated in Montreal, Quebec, selling multiple brands of e cigs and parts. Use this Vaporus review to discover if it pays for Americans to shop over the border (in the virtual sense), or for Canadians to stay at home.

American Customers:  Shop at our two best recommendations – V2 Cigs and the VaporZone.

IF you reside in Canada and want to buy from Vaporus, here’s my take….

Rebuildable Atomizers

When you smoke electronically, e liquid and the atomizer could be separate. The alternative is to combine atomizer and cartridge into one piece. Rebuildable atomizers save you money if you have the time and inclination to take them apart. Vaporus carries several stainless steel, mesh devices featuring a genesis-style wick in sizes such as 24x40cm, 45x45cm, and 33x33cm.

Preferred Brands

Starter kits and accessories come from Innokin, JoyeTech, and a few other selected brands. Vaporus carries the EGO Twist from Joyetech for under $30 and an iTaste MVP with variable voltage. The eVic VV kit costs just over $100, but this is no ordinary package. It includes a control panel for customizable vaping. Approach shopping here with a budget and there is a good chance of discovering something you can afford. Visit the site as an experienced vaper and you are just as likely to be pleased.

Lots of Vapor

As a joke it would seem, Vaporus has included “The Best Juice in the World,” quantity “1,” with a price tag of $1M. Their “Tribute” pays homage and costs just a fraction: $6.99 for 10ml. Other items include cranberry, energy drink, and Nutty Professor. This last one combines nuts, chocolate, and tobacco.

Once you have read a few lists from other suppliers you see nothing extra and nothing absent. This Canadian business appeals to tobacco connoisseurs and people with a sweet-tooth.

You can buy cheaper stuff elsewhere, but will reviews for others be as good? You might do well to pay more.