Velvet Cloud Vapor

After everything you have read about e cigarette juice, did you ever stop to ask yourself if the products used in their composition were organic? It often sounds good enough that they are made in the USA, or that they are produced from food grade ingredients. As with all consumables, however, there is a market searching for organic products too. One company stands out for answering the call.

A Velvet Cloud Review

All ingredients used by Velvet Cloud, a San Francisco e juice company, are organic and natural. Velvet Cloud uses only vegetable glycerin, not propylene glycol or additives. Distilled water is the only other ingredient in their food and pharmacy grade products. According to their site, the juice will work just fine in an ordinary tank without those unnecessary extras.

Funny Names

Enjoy perusing a list of e juice names composed by just two individuals who run the company. “Catherine the Grape” is an amusing play on words. The “Beards” (Ice, Blue, Burly, and White) are actually names for tobacco juices. Nutty Cookie and Candy Bar are self-explanatory flavors, but their pictures are cute, funny, and original.

Old-Fashioned Artistry

While you arrive at this site in search of high-quality, environmentally friendly products, you will stay to enjoy the art work too. The website is an experience on its own. All Velvet Cloud flavors are represented by amusing water color images. Only when they get to the hardware does Velvet Cloud resort to regular photographs.

A white background is only barely covered with categories and images, so it has the look of a canvas. The website could more appropriately be called an art gallery, especially since so much artistry goes into their vaporizing liquid.

E Smoking Hardware

A small selection of electronic vaping products are made available on the website. They include kits, cartomizers, and clearomizer tanks. The main industry here, though, is producing fine juice. Go elsewhere to purchase electronic cigarettes.