Vermillion River E-Juice

Another American company has entered the scene to sell e-liquid to new and continuing vapers: Vermillion River E-Juice. A review of this Minnesota-based company will demonstrate what they have to offer that is different and what is expected. There should not be too many surprises from an electronic cigarette shop. What you want to do is compete with a small amount of innovation, and there is plenty of room for that in such a youthful business.

Vermillion River sells plenty of e-juice sorts, but the first 4 categories are made up of tobacco and menthol, which shows their traditional leanings. Tobacco is where it all begins, especially for people switching from cigarettes to vaporizing. There is no such thing as a cherry Marlboro.

Then again, electronic smoking has attracted a young audience which would have been attracted to ordinary cigarettes, and these youngsters find it trendy to smoke flavored e cigs providing coffee, cinnamint, root beer, and other unusual treats for their taste buds. Vermillion satisfies requirements of the culture.

To get started at all, new smokers need to have the requisite equipment too. Usually, they begin with e cigarettes, sometimes e pipes or e cigars. Many consumers move on to Advanced Personal Vaping machines which allow them to adjust voltage until their liquid is heated to just the right level for maximum flavor and vapor.

Vermillion River has all of these items and equipment to replace parts from existing kits. Look for iTaste MVP, Vision Vamo, the Provari Glass Tank, and more. To increase your enjoyment there is also bling: jeweled lanyards (with fake gems). Shiny metal and plastic abound because along with trendy e-liquids consumers expect to experience the joy of color. This is offered in the form of perfume bottle clearomizers, stands, and batteries.

Scroll down the Vermillion web page for reassurance that they are a trustworthy, BBB-accredited, award winning business.