Vicious Ant

Vicious Ant makes designer RBAs and mods of the kinds customers anxiously await when they are in production. These aren’t your cheap, mass produced models. Vicious Ant comes from the Philippines.

Cyclone RBA

An RBA can sometimes be tricky to recoil. There is not much space to get inside, but the Cyclone is different. As forum members comment, you’re in and out in no time with the Cyclone. It is currently one of the easiest RBAs to use and they love it. The Cyclone is a dripping atomizer with a 1.2mm air hole, good draw, packaged with silica wick and wire. Pay about $65 for it on one of the few authorized dealers’ sites available.

The Kraken

As beastly as it sounds, this mechanical mod made of stainless steel comes in a stainless or brass finish. There is a 2.5ml quartz tank inside. Use a dual or single coil. Control air flow yourself. Measuring 22mm around this is not a small machine, so use it proudly: bystanders will no doubt ask about the Kraken depicted on its side. The Kraken uses a convenient 510 connection.

Vicious Ant Review: the Valkyrie

There has been a lot of trouble with Vicious Ant’s Valkyrie, but the story fully unfolded about 6 months ago. Vicious Ant has had time to show how good their company is at customer service. Numerous complaints were made about a hot button and misfiring problems. Vicious Ant quickly sorted the problem out, replacing pins or the whole mod: whatever was requested by each client.

Several people whose models work just fine report that this is a fantastic metal mod with only a few flaws. The button is too sensitive and locking it requires only a slight turn (so does unlocking it).

On the positive side, the machine threading is exquisite and feeding the battery in is a piece of cake. It is compact, produces masses of vapor, and the flavor is wonderful. Use it with 510 drip tips.

The Valkyrie costs in the arena of $200. Like the Kraken, it is made with food grade stainless steel. An adjustable pin allows the use of any battery without producing a rattling sound or loss of connection.