Villain Vapors

Villain Vapors has gone with a gimmick, or a theme, or whatever you want to call it. They take names and ideas from America’s Wild West and turn them into vapor juice. California (where the company hails from) saw its share of western wildness, cowboys, and gunfights, so the theme is fitting enough and makes the brand memorable.

Novel Labels

Each bottle is labeled like a Wanted Poster from 150 years ago. It has that frayed, yellowing paper look with Western font in black. Each label declares “Wanted; Villain Vapors; Reward Yourself,” and adds the name of a flavor.

Each title is either a reference to card games or villains like Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, Doc Holliday; Dueces, Full House, and Black Jack.

Also on the label is essential information about the product. Juices are made in the USA. They contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavors are artificial and natural. All ingredients are USP (United States Pharmacy) grade.

Betting on Flavors: a Villain Vapors Review

Here are just a few of the flavors at Villain Vapors: they make at least 11. Ante Up is a peppermint offering. Double Down tastes like grape, but balanced and not too sweet. Black Jack (the only one with a name that makes sense) is black licorice. With Pair of Dueces, you taste honeydew. This is probably the favorite of the bunch where reviews are concerned. Several individuals indicated as much.

Scoundrel, Queen of Hearts, and Tombstone are sure to inspire curiosity. I am especially curious to find out what vapor juice has to do with a grave marker.

Worthwhile but Expensive Vapor

Although nearly every Villain Vapor review highlights the positive, it has to be stated that Villain Vapor is expensive. Your 15ml bottle costs $12.99. Save this one for the day you decide cheap vapor isn’t doing what you want anymore. Not only is this expensive, but 15mls is more than a standard size and far too much for a sample, though you can visit Villain Vapor to sample flavors and aromas in person.

Also, do not pick Villain Vapor as your go-to vape if you require a lot of nicotine. Websites carrying this brand show nicotine levels only as high as 1.8%. The highest for mini cigs is usually 2.4%. A number of vapor juice producers also go to 3.6%. Villain Vapor might be a better juice for ex-smokers of light analogs and vapers who are weaning themselves down to no nicotine at all.

Presence on the Worldwide Web

The first place you find Villain Vapors is on retail websites selling vapor juice, electronic cigarettes, and carrying multiple brands. You should be able to enjoy wide selection but will not be purchasing directly from Villain Vapor.

The next hit you get is for Facebook. The Villain Vapor website is just a link to social media and the email address of Rich Kalet (owner?) to contact for questions and re-seller information. Head to Facebook and you get a much better idea of what the company looks like.

Join them for vapor meets and take a look at employees’ faces. Read what customers have to say and join the 4,000+ customers who like Villain Vapors.