Volcano Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes are really vaping sticks. They are not the same as a hookah, though the shape and size is similar. Any review will point out that e cigs come in two parts, so there is nothing special about that. What you want to know when reading about a company’s product range, say, the Volcano e cig, is what their unique selling points are.

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What is Unique about Volcano?

The major, unique feature of Volcano e cigs is that the firm comes from Hawaii. This affects the names of products and e liquids. If you enjoy this part of the shopping experience — sounding out fun names — you will enjoy a visit to the Volcano website.

Those names are uniquely Hawaiian, though the flavors are not always different. The name just makes them sound unusual. For instance, coffee sounds more exotic with “Kona” in front of it. Cherry Lava should have more of a throat hit than ordinary cherry. Apart from reading a review of these flavors by an independent taste tester, you will have to try them yourself to find out if their names are accurate.

Volcano Cigs Starter Kit

Not Unique, but Welcome

Some e cig companies let you refill cartridges and some do not. Volcano welcomes refills, selling refill bottles meant for multiple uses, not just pre-filled cartridges. This also means that you can use other liquids. Patriotic electronic smokers, however, might want to stick with these USA made liquids.

Advanced Electronic Smoking

Lava tubes allow advanced e smokers to make more of their experience. Tube tanks are becoming popular additions to e smoking product catalogues as smokers become accustomed to the electronic experience and want more control.

A tank system offers the choice of wattage/voltage control. Once you discover how much power gives you the best experience, the device will save this setting for future use. There is also an LCD screen and an on/off switch.

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